Have you ever wondered who the top nonprofits on Facebook are? The following is a regularly updated list of the top 50 nonprofits based on total Facebook page likes.

Feel free to reach out to us or to recommend an organization for us to evaluate for this list.

Note: Colleges, universities, and individual churches were not evaluated for this list.

Top Nonprofits on Facebook

Last Updated June 13, 2014

Ted - Nonprofits on Facebook1. TED
ted.com | Facebook profile

Nonprofits with most Facebook Likes - NPR2. National Public Radio
npr.org | facebook page

Top Nonprofits on Facebook - UNICEF3. UNICEF – United Nations Children’s Fund
unicef.org | facebook page

Top Nonprofit on Facebook - Invisible Children4. Invisible Children
invisiblechildren.com | facebook page

Nonprofits with most Likes on Facebook - US Olympic Committee5. United States Olympic Committee
teamusa.org | facebook page

Nonprofits with most Facebook Likes6. PETA – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
peta.org | facebook page

Nonprofit with most twitter followers - Wikileaks7. WikiLeaks
wikileaks.org | facebook profile

Nonprofits with most Likes on Facebook - Humane Society8. Humane Society of the United States
humanesociety.org | facebook page

Nonprofits with most Facebook Likes - Wounded Warrior Project9. Wounded Warrior Project
woundedwarriorproject.org/ | facebook page

10. Public Broadcasting ServiceNonprofits with most Likes on Facebook - PBS
pbs.org | facebook page

Nonprofits with most Facebook Likes - Billy Graham11. Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
billygraham.org | facebook page

Nonprofits with most Facebook Likes - Human Rights Campaign12. Human Rights Campaign
aspca.org | facebook page

Top Nonprofits on Facebook - Greenpeace13. Greenpeace
greenpeace.org | facebook page

Top Nonprofits on Facebook - Livestrong14. Livestrong
unicef.org | facebook page

Nonprofits with most Facebook Likes - MOMA15. Museum of Modern Art
moma.org | facebook page

Nonprofits with most Likes on Facebook - WWF16. World Wildlife Fund
panda.org | facebook page | worldwildlife.org | facebook page

Top Nonprofits on Facebook - St. Jude's17. St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital
stjude.org | facebook page

Top Nonprofits on Facebook - Red18. (RED)
joinred.com | facebook page

Top Nonprofits on Facebook - ASPCA19. American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
aspca.org | facebook page

Nonprofits with most Facebook Likes - Focus on the Family20. Focus on the Family
focusonthefamily.com | facebook page

In order to preserve page load time, the remaining 30 top nonprofits on Facebook will be listed without images or like buttons. Last updated 6/13/2014

21. Stand Up to Cancer
standup2cancer.org | facebook page
Likes – 1.1M

22. Metropolitan Museum of Art
metmuseum.org | facebook page
Likes – 1.1k

23. AARP
aarp.org | facebook page
Likes – 1.1M

24. World Vision
worldvision.org | facebook page
Likes – 1.1M

25. Operation Blessing
ob.org | facebook page
Likes – 1.1M

26. Cleveland Clinic Foundation
clevelandclinic.org | facebook page
Likes – 1.0M

27. American Cancer Society
cancer.org | facebook page
Likes – 940k

28. Ducks Unlimited
ducks.org | facebook page
Likes – 915k

29. ONE
one.org | facebook page
Likes – 828k

30. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
gatesfoundation.org | facebook page
Likes – 824k

31. USO
uso.org | facebook page
Likes – 745k

32. The Girl Scouts
girlscoutcookies.org | facebook page | girlscouts.org | facebook page
Likes – 742k
Likes – 255k

33. Save the Children
savethechildren.org | facebook page
Likes – 742k

34. Children’s Hospital (Boston)
childrenshospital.org | facebook page
Likes – 735k

35. Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
komen.org | facebook page
Likes – 728k

36. Special Olympics
specialolympics.org | facebook page
Likes – 711k

37. Samaritan’s Purse
samaritanspurse.org | facebook page
Likes – 710k

38. Doctors Without Borders
doctorswithoutborders.org | facebook page
Likes – 678k

39. Sea Shepherd Conservatory Society
seashepherd.org | facebook page
Likes – 674k

40. The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria
theglobalfund.org | facebook page
Likes – 615k

41. American Red Cross
redcross.org | facebook page
Likes – 614k

42. Shriners Hospitals for Children
shrinershospitalsforchildren.org | facebook page
Likes – 593k

43. Nature Conservancy
nature.org | facebook page
Likes – 592k

44. Amnesty International USA
amnestyusa.org | facebook page
Likes – 577k

45. Zakat Foundation
zakat.org | facebook page
Likes – 548k

46. Make-A-Wish Foundation
wish.org | facebook page
Likes – 541k

47. Feeding America
feedingamerica.org | facebook page
Likes – 536k

48. National 4-H Council
4-h.org | facebook page
Likes – 521k

49. Rachel’s Challenge
rachelschallenge.org | facebook page
Likes – 489k

50. Planned Parenthood Federation of America
plannedparenthood.org | facebook page
Likes – 479k