The following is a regularly updated list of the top nonprofits on social media.

Note: Colleges, universities, and churches were not evaluated for this list. For a legend explaining how the rankings are computed, scroll down past the list.

Top 50 Nonprofits on Social Media

Last updated 5/15/12

RankNameLikesFollowersCharity Nav (ref)
1WikiLeaks2,070,8211,487,165not rated
2National Public Radio - NPR2,377,580972,380some_text
3Ted Talks2,051,416986,241not rated
4United Nations Children«s Fund (UNICEF)1,780,6781,006,409some_text
5Public Broadcasting Service1,158,9741,162,861not rated
6Museum of Modern Art1,048,1991,004,407some_text
7Invisible Children3,205,769387,360some_text
8World Wildlife Fund906,434686,948some_text
9People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals1,466,840275,918some_text
11American Red Cross431,884695,270some_text
12Metropolitan Museum of Art655,570456,562some_text
13Charity: water230,0911,373,654some_text
14Humane Society of the United States1,318,055115,399some_text
15Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation256,012734,935not rated
16Human Rights Campaign1,062,064121,188not rated
17Amnesty International USA409,835424,690some_text
18St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital709,377175,823some_text
19ONE281,928609,096not rated
20American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals1,091,53299,665some_text
21World Wildlife Fund571,894152,782some_text
22Doctors Without Borders462,634198,441some_text
23William J. Clinton Foundation772,25592,027some_text
24Save the Children251,098406,322some_text
25American Cancer Society319,414272,987some_text
26Do Something208,323529,408some_text
27Nature Conservancy380,950116,762some_text
28United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees137,5391,218,765some_text
29Human Rights Watch (HRW)214,432334,175some_text
30United States Olympic Committee1,950,53430,409some_text
31Sea Shepherd Conservatory Society388,63983,279some_text
33Smithsonian Institute138,898662,321some_text
34Make-A-Wish Foundation368,87068,531some_text
35Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation595,71642,142some_text
36World Vision USA890,32030,720some_text
37United States Fund for UNICEF293,38979,276some_text
38World Food Program USA159,261276,937some_text
39Green Peace122,072478,484not rated
40Samaritan's Purse497,66438,850some_text
41Planned Parenthood Federation of America304,06352,164some_text
42Rotary Foundation of Rotary International174,818138,274some_text
43Best Friends Animal Society227,38857,838some_text
44World Bank PNGO Project154,376129,039not rated
45Wounded Warrior Project712,53820,106some_text
46Mayo Foundation94,387347,902not rated
47Billy Graham Evangelistic Association758,83919,792some_text
48Special Olympics613,22722,250some_text
49Feeding America219,60850,959some_text
50AARP241,75839,171not rated


  • Thousands of nonprofit organizations are reviewed in a preliminary screening to determine if their statistics are competitive enough to be ranked.
  • 500 organizations are then selected to be ranked.
  • Data is collected for each nonprofit for Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers.
  • For each of the 6 measured criteria, each organization is ranked in comparison to all other nonprofit organizations being evaluated.
  • A composite rank for each nonprofit is determined by giving by 50% weight to Facebook Likes and 50% to Twitter Followers
  • Because not all organizations are rated by Charity Navigator this is not included in calculating the score and is simply included for reference purposes.
  • The top 50 organizations are published.