The quality of research and data is important for today’s nonprofits. From gaining useful information to using research in daily operations, great resources can help improve your organization.


The Council of Nonprofits provides Research, Reports, and Data on the Nonprofit Sector, a list of resources for individuals in the sector.


10 Great Nonprofit Research Resources

  1. Digital Giving Index provides resources to strengthen relationships with donors and companies. The index reviews the behavior of donors through online surveys.
  1. Foundation Center offers up to date resources for fundraisers and provides tools to support organizations individuals in the sector.
  1. The Nonprofit Almanac features a wide range of resources for any staffers in the sector.
  1. Nonprofit Finance Fund offers financial resources and tools for nonprofits, including surveys and webinars.
  1. Association for Research on Nonprofits and Voluntary Action connects individuals in the sector who are interested in research.
  1. International Society for Third-Sector Research promotes research and education for the nonprofit sector.
  1. Johns Hopkins University, Listening Post Project is a collaborative project, partnering with over 1,100 nonprofits, to identify key trends and challenges in the sector.
  1. National Center for Charitable Statistics works closely with the IRS and other government agencies to provide nonprofit data.
  1. Nonprofit Quarterly partners with a various sources to publish the latest news involving the sector.
  1. Urban Institute provides research and resources through economic and policy research.

Share this list with coworkers and other sector colleagues who conduct research for their organization. Tell us which resources have been helpful to you and your organization.