For the past 15 years,  PNP Staffing Group has conducted a nonprofit salary survey of organizations in the New York City, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia metro areas.  The 2016 edition has just been released and includes findings that can be put to good use by both hiring organizations and job seekers.

In the podcast below, Amy DeVita interviews PNP President and CEO, Gayle Brandel and its Director of Special Projects, Robert F. Duvall.  Take a listen and learn about the overall findings which are largely applicable across the country.
You will learn about:The surveys were designed to help answer the question “How much should I pay an employee at my nonprofit?”  But, in fact, have helped to uncover information crucial to organizations with regard to attracting great talent and keeping it.  For job seekers, you may be happy to hear that it’s “a candidate’s market,” and which skills are most in-demand.

    • the state of the nonprofit job market
    • the health of the sector
    • growing trends in culture
    • most sought-after benefits
    • most sought-after skills

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