It may be the most pressing question today: “How can you be certain that your organization is attracting the talent necessary to deliver on your mission for today and tomorrow?” With 10,000 Baby Boomers reaching retirement age every day, the market in the nonprofit sector for quality hires is fierce.  Smart organizations are listening to what talented individuals are looking for… and adapting. Use this nonprofit salary survey to stay current.

The 2018 NonProfit Salaries and Staffing Trends Report, just released by PNP Staffing Group, removes some of the guesswork by providing data collected from more than 1,500 nonprofit organizations who participated in the most recent version; including salaries for 44 positions for five different organizational budget sizes.

According to PNP Staffing Group, “80% of respondents said they plan to recruit new staff in 2018, as compared to 57% who reported that they added staff in 2017. Issues overwhelmingly revolved around the importance of recruiting and keeping good people who can successfully deliver services and mission. A majority of respondents noted that they would prefer to stretch their organization’s budget to hire a more experienced, high performance employee, rather than hire a competent worker with less experience but stay within budget.”

3 Questions about the Nonprofit Salary Survey

Upon the release of the report, I had the opportunity to connect with Gayle Brandel, CEO/President of PNP Staffing Group to find out more:

“Health of the Sector”

TNP: What is the overall State of the Union of the nonprofit sector, with regard to employment?

GB: “More than 1,500 organizations, a record number of nonprofits, responded to our salary survey this year. The results show a confident outlook on nonprofit hiring and compensation in 2018. Nonprofits are finding new and more fully defined ways to attract exceptional candidates in a competitive market, even those candidates who may be beyond their salary ranges.“


TNP: PNP Staffing Group has been conducting this survey for several years. Did you note any “firsts” in this year’s survey?

GB: “For the first time in our reporting, a significant portion of nonprofit organizations encountered a ‘skills gap’ in recruiting their workforce. This reinforces the continuing need for improved training programs and professional development to not only recruit, but to retain, talented executives.”


TNP: What trends are you spotting now?

GB: “A significant finding in this year’s survey is that, more than ever, senior executive management positions in nonprofits are being filled by women, (also) our survey shows a growing presence of Millennials in leadership roles, with around half reporting that Millennials now hold senior leadership positions.”

In the end, the survey shows that several essential best practices are critical for nonprofits to be successful in finding and keeping talent staff in a competitive market. Eight best practices are identified as essential both by candidates and by employers in making an organization a “go to” place to work.
Want to learn more?  You can download any or all of the geo-specific reports HERE  

2018 Nonprofit Salaries and Staffing Trends Report (Greater New York City Area Nonprofits and Associations)









2018 Nonprofit Salaries and Staffing Trends Report (Washington DC Area Nonprofits and Associations)


2018 Nonprofit Salaries and Staffing Trends Report (Philadelphia Area Nonprofits and Associations)