In an age where we are all inundated with more information than we can possibly process, you should search for more creative ways to reach your target audience. Use Infographics to tell your story and deliver your message effectively.


In Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Infographics, Anne Handley says that your infographics “should be concise, creative and educational, conveying a burst of data in an eye-catching, succinct, portable package.” Keep it simple and unique, yet be bold and get your audience’s attention!


If your nonprofit doesn’t have an in-house graphic designer or the budget to hire a freelancer, you can use an online application to create the perfect infographic. Many of these sites are free (or offer special pricing plans) and have a variety of templates from which to choose. Check out sites like Visme, Canva,, and Piktochart and determine which site you find easiest to navigate and will best suit your needs. And be sure to choose a design that matches your organization’s style and mission.


While we see infographics on direct mailings or in annual reports,remember that your success will lie in how easy your infographic is to forward and share.


Frank Barry, who helps nonprofits use the Internet for digital communication, social media, and fundraising, offers these great tips:


  • Add social sharing links (AddThis or ShareThis) on the infographic landing page.
  • Embed social sharing elements into the infographic using HTML5.
  • Send it to your email list.
  • Post it on your organization’s website and Facebook page.
  • Tweet it.


The most important thing to remember about infographics is that you need to have a goal when creating one. You want to share data, but maybe you also want to educate donors, recruit volunteers, spur advocacy, or launch a fundraising campaign.


You need to have a clear intent. So, before starting the design process, draft your primary message, compress the data, and determine the outcome you would like to see from your new infographic.


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