When Periscope launched in March of 2015, the former broadcast journalism major in me jumped for joy. Finally – a social media platform that allowed me to do a live feed of my life without having to have fancy equipment or coding. Periscope, owned by Twitter, allows its users, or “Scopers” to video record and broadcast to anywhere in the entire world. On the flip side, users can watch broadcasts from all over the world and even engage with the broadcaster through comments and “hearts”, which show the broadcaster love. You can also choose to record your broadcast so that it’s viewable after the live session is over.

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One of the more intriguing statistics about Periscope is that it reached 1 million users in only 10 days. For measure, it took Instagram 2 ½ months, Facebook 10 months, Twitter 24 months, and Tumblr 27 months, to reach 1 million users. This may have to do with Twitter owning it and making it super simple to create an account, but intriguing nonetheless.

Periscope has a pretty mixed bag of users, and I’m sure with time, that will become more solidified. But for now, there are tons of ways for your organization to start working Periscope into your social media plan:

Events. Hosting a $500/plate fundraising event? It’s probable that most of your donors aren’t going to be able to attend. Assign a staff member to “correspondent duty” and make a plan to interview honored guests, attendees, and volunteers.

Crowdsourcing. Are you working on a new project or do you have a relatively baked idea that just needs a little validation from your audience? Use Periscope! Not only will it generate a little excitement, you’ll also get the feedback of some of your most social media savvy followers.

Educating the donor. It’s so important to keep your donor base educated and informed about your cause. And Periscope can help you do just that. Choose a cadence for education pieces and allow your followers to engage in a Q&A session that makes sure they have all the information they need. It’s a great idea to brand these and work them into your social media content calendar.

Announcements and updates. Did your organization just win a grant? Have you secured a new community partnership? Do you have a huge volunteer event coming up? Use Periscope to cover some of your most newsworthy stories. Don’t just sit in front of the camera and talk – introduce your network to your office space, your staff, and your life at work. This translates authenticity and makes your content much more engaging.

Are you already using Periscope at your organization? What are some of your favorite stories to tell? Tell us in the comments below!