We live in a world saturated with news and media, content coming at us from everywhere, with upwards of two million blog posts shared each day. How can we best serve our communities while updating our donors? Use these content tips to beef up your nonprofit blog in 2016.

Nonprofit Tech for Good features a long list of effective blog tips. Here are five of my favorites for publishing concise and engaging content:

Numbered Lists

  • Lists are accessible & easy-to-read, and therefore encourage readership.
  • Lists expose your mission to more people outside of you network.
  • Which are you more likely to skim over: “How to Improve Your Business Acumen,” or “8 Ways to Stay Sharp in Business”?  

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Summarized Reports

  • Research and statistics are important for long-form reporting.
  • For your blog posts, highlight at least 5 of the most important stats.
  • When tweeting or posting, use one of those figures in the update.
  • Redistribute the blog with a new stat during the 5-day work week.  

Shared Resources

  • Connecting to your donors’ daily lives is important.
  • Sharing useful advice and tips is a long-term content strategy.
  • Expand & reconsider what you should write about.
  • An arts nonprofit might blog about the most famous paintings of all time or, perhaps, the best art spaces in your city.

Community Stories

  • Sensationalism is all around us, so shift our focus to the positive.
  • Use text, images, and video with respect to your community and their needs.
  • Be careful not to objectify their need but highlight how their needs are being met.
  • Hope and possibility remind us that giving does create change.


Behind the Scenes (one of my personal favorites!)

  • Donors are concerned with your nonprofit’s mission.
  • Your nonprofit’s mission functions because of the people behind it.
  • Exposing your hard work will ensure further commitment.
  • Photos, videos, and interviews with staff and supporters will bring us all together.

To keep blogging more effectively, read about ideas and tips at “10 Blog Content Ideas for Nonprofits.” Or, grab yourself a copy of Mobile for Good: A How-To Fundraising Guide for Nonprofits, the main source for these best blog content practices.