Nonprofits are using online giving to raise money. Having the capability for online donations  backed by strong marketing tactics are essential for any nonprofit organization.

In Leading nonprofits are raising more money online than ever before, Mashable and Matt Petronzio analyze the  2015 M+R Benchmarks Study. The study revealed that nonprofits raised $413 million in donations last year.

How are nonprofits gaining such great donations? In 10 Online Fundraising Best Practices for Nonprofits, Nonprofit Tech for Good looks at how nonprofit organizations are becoming successful online. Here are 5 ways that nonprofits are raising strong donations and gaining support.

  1. Embed the donation process onto your website and mobile site.

The less steps a user has from wanting to donate to actually donating will drastically increase donations.

  1. Feature a donate button.

Add a donation button on every page of your website gain users’ attention while they learn more about your organization.

  1. Employ donation impact graphics.

Create a series of donation images to gain users’ attention in social media. Link them back to the donation page for ease of donation.

  1. Implement year-end Fundraising.

A large percentage of donations are made around the holiday season and in december. Focus on the habitats of your users and create seasonal campaigns.

  1. Create engaging E-newsletters.

Complement social media with e-newsletters to support fundraising. Organizations can personalize every newsletters and update their donors on where their donations are going.

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About the Author: James Zackal is a writer, music enthusiast, and Netflix addict. A graduate student at California University of Pennsylvania pursuing a Master of Business Administration, he is a writer at  New Place Collaborations, LLC in Pittsburgh and a Marketing Assistant at Web Strategies in Winchester.