If you are not in a peaceful place with your own career, then every accomplished person may seem out of your reach. Take stock of the successful people in your office, on your social media newsfeeds, and living on your street.


Even though everyone’s definition of success is different and everyone’s journey towards success is unique, here are some helpful common traits of accomplished people.


  1. Know when to leave the party. Forbes notes that part of success is knowing which opportunity is over and which is about to begin. Sure, you love your co-workers and/or employees, but the spark is gone. There is no shame in leaving a position that no longer fits or challenges you. It is time to move on to, or create, something new.


  1. Communicate what you do. At any given moment, you can concisely and meaningfully articulate what you do, why you do it, and your set of skills. These speaking points may, and should, change over time, but you always have them at the ready.


  1. Learn until you drop. You certainly do not have all the answers post-school. Even the smartest people in the world, a.k.a. Albert Einstein, developed theories to obtain answers to life’s demanding questions. Learning includes humbling, exploring, meeting, asking, listening, and participating in activities that are both within and outside your field.


  1. Accept the present. All you have is the here and now. The past can guide you, and the future unfolds as it should, if you continue to make decisions that are best for you today.


  1. Work on your life. Life is a process. Some days life is peachy, and other days it is not. Being “un-peachy” is a part of success. Throughout your lifetime, you will attempt to make the best version of yourself. Work to fix flaws, suggests Elite Daily. However, do not let perfectionism consume your intentions.


  1. Respond instantly. Whether it is an email, a text message, an inquiry via snail mail, or a wave of “hello” at a networking event, reply right away. When you let time lapse, a myriad of opportunities vanishes.


As you step away from this article and back to the real world, who knows what the rest of your day, or your career, might turn out to be?


About the Author: Jennifer Schaupp is delighted to learn new ideas each and every day while not accumulating educational debt in the process!