Blog posts play an important role in your online engagement. Posting regularly allows your audience to see that your organization cares and provides them with the latest news.


But how do you keep your audience coming back? What is the best way to promote your organization and it’s blog?


In 32 Experts Share Their Best Blog Post Promotion Tips, Kriti Hine and Kikolani asked top bloggers for tips that will get your blog more traction. To help gain the traction your organization deserves, try using the following 6 top tips.


Social Sharing

Let social media be your best friend. Encourage your readers to share the recent blog post using various social media sites. Provide social sharing buttons that make it easy to share with one click. Save time by using automatic promotions that will update your sites when a post has been published.


Great Content

Create great content. Your audience will not read your blog if they’re not gaining something from it. Include images, graphs, and links, visual content is the best way to gain the audience attention.



Connect with other influencers in the sector. Make connections with other organizations or bloggers that have large followings. If you are using a piece of their information, give them credit and link back to them. Use tools like LinkedIn and your e-newsletter to push content in varied platforms.



One of the best ways to help gain more traction is to simply ask. Ask your audience to share your organization’s blog post. Sometimes it just takes asking for your audience to feel that its ok to share.



There are two options for email. If your organization posts once or twice a month, feel free to email your mailing list to inform them of new content. If your organization updates every day to every week, create a once a month newsletter with top blog post. This will let the audience know that there is new content without flooding their inbox.


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