Nonprofit Social Media Guru, Beth Kanter (@kanter) is someone I’ve looked up to for years.  So when she shared an image of my Social Media Posting Guide on her Facebook page I was honored, to say the least. But neither of us expected what would happen next. The post exploded with shares and likes, quickly earning it the title of her most viral Facebook post to date.

This didn’t happen by accident though.

Sure the Posting Guide clearly met a perceived need and was appreciated by a lot of people.  There were elements where the design helped to speed the spread of the resource such as decent design, realistic advice, and the cheat sheet format that fits perfectly on a standard sheet of printer paper. Still Beth had much and more to do with this as well. Read more on her post about how she helped make this happen through the art of consistently posting content people love.


One thing to note. Beth posts to her Facebook page more than I typically recommend based on research for the best frequency for getting and keeping likes (not the only measurement of engagement). That said, if you can consistently crank out a higher amount of “loved” content, I say go for it.