Here we will be publishing a series of lists dedicated to the top nonprofit books in a number of categories.

Instead of listing our own opinion on these top nonprofit books or basing the ranking solely on available web metrics, we opted instead to let experts in the respective areas from out top blogs list provide provide their own recommendations. Those books with the most votes rise to the top, with ties being settled based on relative ranking on 3 Amazon sales metrics. Read more on exactly how the rankings work at the bottom.


Top 20 Books on Fundraising

Marketing and Social Media


Coming Soon

  • Top 10 Volunteer Management Books
  • Top 10 Books on Starting a Nonprofit
  • Top 10 Nonprofit Reference Books
  • Top 20 Nonprofit Board Books

How the Lists are Ranked

A number (10-20) of the top bloggers are given the chance to provide a list of the 5 books they would recommend on a topic. At the end, the book with the most recommendations gains the #1 spot. All ties are settled through a relative ranking (compared to all evaluated books) based on relative number of Amazon ratings, Average number of Amazon stars, and a weighted value based on if the books is under 5 years old, 5-10 years old or more than 10 years old. These 3 values for each book are then averaged and ranked from lowest to highest average rank.