We spend most of our waking hours, especially during the week, at work, likely surrounded by a group of people known as our coworkers. That’s a pretty large amount of time to spend with people who may not like you or may not like each other. So why not just work with people you like? So today I’m talking about building a culture of awesome coworkers.

Close work relationships increase employee engagement and satisfaction. If you like the people who surround you, even the worst days don’t seem so bad.

Just as in your personal life, acts of kindness can really make a difference. And these tips will help you improve your likeability at work, and may even inspire those you work with to be better coworkers too:


Take one for the team. Did something pop up at the last minute on a super nice day just as your coworker was gathering her belongings to leave for the day? Volunteer to cover for her. This may not be your favorite thing to do, but this is mutually beneficial. Coworkers are more likely to support you when you’ve supported them.


Bring the snacks. This is one of my favorite things to do. I live alone, so baking cookies or muffins usually means half of that batch is going to go bad (unless I eat them for every meal that week). My coworkers always appreciate the gesture and more often than not will be begging me to bring more in again.


Thoughtfulness goes a long way. My coworkers and I used to run to Papyrus when they were having their stationary sales because we all really appreciated a nice card every once in a while. Whether is was a sweet thank you note for going the extra mile or a quick little congratulations when project milestones were reached, being thoughtful (and using great stationary) really went a long way.


Keep everyone laughing. Depending on the organization, days can sometimes be monotonous. The same old routine can become extremely boring and disengaging. Find ways to incorporate humor into your every day. Whether it’s a funny remark in an email, discussing celebrity gossip, or sharing a funny story, humor reduces stress and boosts productivity and team morale.


Pay attention to coworkers’ personal milestones. Whether they’re celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, a marriage, or something else, celebrate these things at work. Always a great way to make someone feel special.


Are you an awesome coworker? What are your secrets? Tell us in the comments below!