Sure, on the surface Donor Loyalty, Content, and Data may seem rather unconnected. But dig a little deeper and you can see the ways in which they are very closely tethered to one another.
The findings from the recent Donor Loyalty Study by Abila help connect the dots.  Basically, the data that we are able to capture can help us create the content that we should be producing to increase our donor loyalty.

There is more to it than that, so we chatted with Rich Dietz to get the scoop from his perspective. Rich has a very deep background in nonprofit and is a self-admitted data nerd, so he had no problem jumping right in and explaining what was discovered after analyzing the study’s results.

Find out the answers to these questions:

  • If fundraising is all about relationships, what role does data play?
  • How can we extract usable data from what we have and put it into practice?
  • What surprising tidbit did the study uncover relative to restricted vs. unrestricted funds?

Want to hear more from Rich Dietz? He will be a featured speaker at AFP-NJ Chapter’s 36th Annual Conference on Philanthropy on November 10.  For more information or tickets click here. or you can email him at