Let’s Get Professional


When you’re surrounded by people who are motivated by the same things you are, conversations are filled with passion, knowledge, and new ideas. One of the reasons we started covering events around the country is to help bring new ideas to you, but also to help invigorate our writers and inspire great content.


Last week, I attended an event hosted by the 501 Tech Club NYC. The discussion focused around Social Media Metrics. Incredibly informative – if you didn’t catch my live tweets, look back at #3STTNPEvents – I think the best part was hearing thoughts and opinions from people of all different levels in many types of roles. We were inspired by one another and I’d venture to say that virtually everyone there learned something new.


This got me thinking – how often are you engaging in conversation about things that you’re professionally passionate about?


Each week (when I’m not in meetings), I take part in a Twitter chat that is presented by the International Association of Business Communicators (#CommChat). The subject matter ranges from social media to strategic communications to employee engagement. Professional communicators from all over the world take part, answering questions from a host and sharing best practices and ideas.


The Internet is such a great tool to help you have frequent professional conversations. Here are a couple of great spots to engage in conversation:


Twitter Chats. I love Twitter chats. They’re quick, easy, interesting, and if you don’t have anything to say, you can still engage in conversation. There are SO MANY to pick from. Anything you’re interested in probably has a Twitter Chat dedicated to it. This list is easy to sift through, as you can sort results by topic, date/time, and even hashtag. There are plenty more to choose from. If you’re looking for a particular topic, a quick Google should generate plenty of results.


LinkedIn Group Discussions. There are so many professional groups on LinkedIn and all of them have discussion boards. Sometimes the discussions can get a little mundane, but it’s a great place to get opinions from your peers. Plus, you can connect with people you engage with and continue your conversation from there.


Blog comment boards. Blog comment boards can be interesting. I find that a lot of the cooking blogs I follow have really informative comment boards. If the blogger shares a recipe, people comment on snafus they experience, interesting twists on the recipe ingredients, and any other helpful tips. Professional blogs I follow also have really great tips and feedback pertaining to the content of the blog. And, sometimes, you’ll find a way to another similar blog.


Where do you engage with other professionals? Tell us in the comments!