The market for mobile credit card readers is really beginning to heat up.  Ever since Square entered the space, I’ve been excited at the implications for nonprofits.  One area that Square (also Paypal Here & Intuit’s GoPayment for that matter) was lacking in was a direct interface with an events and ticketing service. Enter Eventbrite, the online ticketing startup that has been changing the way people buy and sell tickets online.

eventbrite's new mobile credit card reader - top nonprofits

They have developed a (free) card reader and iPad app specifically designed to provide an easy way to process ticket transactions at the door. They aren’t stopping there either.  They are also facilitating the ability to sell customers food, drink and merchandise.  Eventbrite’s fees are pretty straight forward; creating an event is free, as are the card reader and apps, they just charge $0.99 processing fee plus 2.5% cut of each ticket sold using their service.  Eventbrite is all about events, so it’s not surprising to hear that they don’t stop at the transactions.  They also are incorporating ways to help you better gain a holistic picture of your event by providing information like who came? When did they show up? Where did they buy their ticket?

It should definitely be stated that you can also use services like Square and Paypal Here for events and ticketing. Besides food trucks, this is actually where I seem them used the most.  I just think it is a brilliant move my Eventbrite to enter the niche space of mobile credit card processing at events.

Also be sure to check out how Eventbrite’s handles online ticket sales as well. The fact that they have now sold over 56 million tickets since launching says they are definitely doing something right.