Welcome to 2018! Like never before, all nonprofits and organizations need to become skilled in communicating and engaging with their donors online.

In the old days, nonprofit organizations easily spent thousands, if not tens of thousands or more, paying for their marketing and promotion efforts. Think about it. In the old days, organizations spent a couple of thousand dollars on creating videos or direct mail targeted at their donors.

Today, with over 3 billion people on the Internet, digital marketing is an essential aspect for any organization to connect with their existing and prospective donors. And, these costs are substantially less than what groups had to pay in the past. For instance, many charities have team members create live stream videos on their phones when they want to communicate with their supporters about the cause; there’s no need for them to spend thousands on a slick video. And, social media has made growing a following and audience on platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram much less expensive than the old days of printing, stuffing letters into envelopes and then paying postage.

More than ever before, leveraging your online presence is important. There are 7 ways that you can ensure that you’re good to your supporters online, outlined in the infographic below (you can click on the image to download the infographic “Seven Ways to Be Good Online to Donors”), which was adapted from Funds2Marketing & Communications’ resource eBook, “Get with the Program and Be Good to Your Donors Online.” 


Donors have more choices and ways to engage with their favorite causes. It’s essential to realize that one of the most cost-effective and essential ways to stay engaged with their supporters is by ensuring they are reaching them strategically online.


You can download the INFOGRAPHIC by clicking on the image to the left; You can download the ebook Get with the Program and Be Good to Your Donors Online by clicking HERE