Sure, donations of money are essential, but there other ways to donate and get more people involved. While volunteers are valuable for time and talent donated, we also know they are also prospective donors.

In How to Give Without Spending a Cent, Great Nonprofits looks at ways individuals can donate to a nonprofit without spending a dime. Here are 6 ways cash-free donations help organizations.


Ask local businesses to host a fundraiser to help your organization and gain exposure at their business–it may help connect your cause to a new audience. Can’t host a your own unique fundraiser? Attend one. Have a great night out all while supporting a great cause as a guest or volunteer and observe how it’s done.


Do you know someone who enjoys photography, web design, writing, social media, or another skill? Ask them if they would donate time and skills to assist your organization on a project or recurring need.


Know someone who owns a business, venue, or just has a great home who might host an event? House parties are fun for the natural host or hostess. You might land a unique venue and reduce staff effort if the hosts provides food and drink.


Are your fans’s special talents going unused? Art? Music? Supporters can volunteer talent in many ways–leading workshop, providing a short performance, and more.

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Ever consider having your own mentor program? Ask your fans if they could volunteer their time and become a mentor to a staff member, volunteer team, or intern.


Enjoy running or other physical exercises? Staff and fans can enter a marathon or tournament on behalf of the sponsoring nonprofit or your own organization. You’ll feel great!


Encourage volunteers to bring their friends. They’ll enjoy each other’s company and make new contacts while supporting your organization. .

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