We all know that writing to your audience delivers the best results for your communications. But how do you KNOW that what you’re doing is working? I mean, how do you really know?

Gone are the days where communications’ return on investment is immeasurable. There are hundreds of tools – many of them come free with subscriptions you’re likely already paying for – and they’re just WAITING to give you all the statistics, feedback, and insight you could ever imagine.

We partnered with our friends at DonorPerfect, to take a deep dive into this topic.  In this online article series and downloadable guide, we’ll discuss important data points, audience segmentations, and more that will help you tweak your content strategy and cadence, and set realistic expectations.

Decoding Your Audience Data to Optimize Your Reach

Part 1: If You Don’t Have an Email Marketing Platform, Get One Now!

Part 2: Your Online Identity is More Important that Your Social Security Number

Part 3: Get Actionable Insights and Measurements with the Trinity Mindset

Part 4: Conducting Your First A/B Test

Part 5: Understanding and Segmenting Your Audience

Part 6: Document, Distribute, and Do Something