The Employee Handbook provides the basic employment information that every employee needs to know. When done right, the Employee Handbook is also part of your brand story, and has the power to reinforce the employee’s decision to work with your company.

The basic question that all nonprofits face is how to get there. This paper will guide you through basic considerations and helps you find your way on employment issues.


About Author

Graham Dail

Graham Dail, M.Ed., CHCM is a Senior Consultant with JER HR Group, a leading human resource firm helping great organizations, large and small, to be their best. With over 30 years of experience, he is an industry-recognized expert in the development of HR policies/plans, safety and health training, and workers’ compensation programs. Graham works with nonprofits and for-profit clients to solve big challenges, developing effective solutions tailored to, and aligned with, the client’s work culture and business strategy. Graham is part of JER’s rapid response team to help organizations with pandemic related HR policy and employee handbook updates. He’s keeping his mask on, maintaining social distance policies, and enjoying new books.

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