We Are Family: Adopting a No Fire Policy

Consider how your organization would change if no one was ever fired. Adopting a “No Fire Policy”  has increased employee performance and drastically decreased turnover rates in the corporate world. So, are there benefits for the nonprofit sector?

Next Jump, a company providing internet-based rewards and loyalty programs, is taking the corporate world by storm with a unique hiring philosophy. Adding a new employee to the team is considered the same as adding a new family member — it’s a lifelong relationship. And it requires time, energy, and careful consideration.

CEO Charlie Kim explains the change in procedure during an interview with David Marquet:

“Every hiring manager started hiring more carefully, something I’d been advocating for but couldn’t make happen in every manager. Without further direction, they started treating hiring like adoption: once we take someone into our family, they’re here for life, when things don’t work, they’re responsible for training them, helping them.”

Kim advocates for the wellness of his people in many ways, like professional development trainings and strategies, peer group meetings, and even personal trainers. And it has paid off.

“Performance evaluations became what it was always intended for – development discussions, open, honest and often real and raw conversations on what people are struggling with. Since people could voice real concerns at work, they left those toxins there and didn’t take them home with them. Home life improved as well,” explains Kim.

“No Fire” eliminates hesitancy that potentially inhibit performance, engagement, and honesty. Employees feel more comfortable engaging in conversations about their own performance, as well as talking about the shortcomings of the organization, thereby furthering the efficiency of accomplishing mission.

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