The opportunity of working in this sector allows us to make a difference. Many individuals want to work in nonprofits, but what does the sector look for in a potential employee? With our limited funding and small teams, we can afford to be picky about the right candidate.

Are You Committed?

Alison Green describes in Everything You Need To Know About Working For A Nonprofit that the sector is always looking for commitment. We want individuals who are 100 percent committed to the organization. However, commitment is only part of a nonprofit employee.

Gordon Brown says that working in the sector is not for the soft-hearted in What You Need To Know About Working For A Non-Profit. He explains that work in nonprofit environment takes more than “wanting to help people.” As we know, there will be some downfalls, mistakes, and learning experiences.


The Job Description is Only Part of the Job

So (does this sound familiar?), an organization is looking for an individual who has skills in marketing and PR. And…the potential employee will also assist by being the secretary, accountant, and graphic and web designer.

Our sector looks for individuals who can perform multiple roles. Brown suggests that the a marketable individual is one who can multitask and is willing to work various roles. Nonprofit employees gain various experience because they work various jobs. Don’t know how to perform a task, expect to learn the basics fast.

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Experience Matters

Marisa Taylor and A Career in Nonprofit add that experience is everything. We look for candidates who volunteer, held internships, and may have worked in previous nonprofits–candidates who already know what to expect.

Are You a Team Player?

Work both independently and collaboratively are desirable attributes, says Taylor. We are alway looking for future leaders and team players as jobs are multi-faceted.

Amazing Experience

Nonprofit work may be challenging, but isn’t it one of the greatest opportunities an employee can have? Rewards include the feeling of accomplishment by working for a great organization while developing a diverse skillset in one environment.