Apple recently made their Apple Pay service available for donating to nonprofits. While it would be simple to discount Apple Pay as just one more gimmicky, shiny toy in your fundraising software, the truth is that Apple Pay will have a noticeable effect on revenue for many organizations. Easier donations mean more completed donations. Numerous statistics back this up.

Two thirds of consumers make purchases by phone.

Just like buying, donating is a transaction. Consumers have discovered the ease of buying by mobile and now expect to give with the same convenience.

Twice as many mobile transactions are completed by Apple Pay vs credit cards, etc.

A statistic that most nonprofits don’t track (or don’t have data for) is how many donations have been abandoned because their online process was inconvenient or frustrating. Apple Pay changes the problem by making it possible to give with just a touch on their iPhone screen. This eliminates the donor having to type in name, address, credit card numbers, etc. All the vital fundraising data is transferred to the organization’s fundraising software without the supporter having to type a single character.

The above stat comes from Apple’s Jennifer Bailey, Vice President of Apple Pay in Apple’s press release: “Websites and apps tell us they see twice as many people actually completing a purchase with Apple Pay than with other payment methods. We think offering such a simple and secure way to support the incredible work nonprofits do will have a significant impact on the communities they serve.”

75% of mobile donation dollars come through iOS.

Another factor that weighs heavily into Apple Pay success is the popularity of iPhones. Todd Levy, CEO of DonorDrive explains: “Currently 3/4 of online donation dollars in DonorDrive already come through iOS. With so many iPhones used for giving, Apple Pay gives our clients a even smoother donating experience, resulting in more completed donations.”

Gen X has adopted Apple Pay more quickly than Millennials.

If your first thought is that Apple Pay is just for young people, it’s not. With older generations adopting it, you can see how quickly the convenience of it is making it a norm.

DonorDrive client COPD Foundation is among a select group of nonprofits worldwide who premiered donations by Apple Pay to their supporters in November. We can expect that within a short time the Apple logo will be just as familiar to donors as the Visa and PayPal logos are now.

If you have more questions about Apple Pay, we’d be happy to answer them.