The following is a regularly updated list of the top nonprofits on social media.

Note: Colleges, universities, and churches were not evaluated for this list. For a legend explaining how the rankings are computed, scroll down past the list.

Last updated Spring 2016

Social Media Rank (Spring 2016)

Rank Organization Facebook Twitter
1.00 National Geographic Society 40.6M Likes 11.5M Followers
2.00 Ted Talks 9M Likes 7.3M Followers
3.00 United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) 6M Likes 5.4M Followers
4.00 National Public Radio - NPR 4.8M Likes 5.9M Followers
5.00 WikiLeaks 3.1M Likes 3M Followers
6.00 Public Broadcasting Service 2.6M Likes 2.2M Followers
7.00 Human Rights Watch (HRW) 2.1M Likes 2.8M Followers
8.00 Museum of Modern Art 1.9M Likes 2.5M Followers
9.00 People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) 4M Likes 642K Followers
10.00 World Bank PNGO Project 1.9M Likes 1.7M Followers
11.00 Do Something 2.2M Likes 797K Followers
12.00 Metropolitan Museum of Art 1.6M Likes 1.1M Followers
13.00 Save the Children 1.5M Likes 1.4M Followers
14.00 Human Rights Campaign 2.3M Likes 589K Followers
15.00 Livestrong 1.6M Likes 1M Followers
16.00 World Wildlife Fund 1.9M Likes 689K Followers
17.00 UN Commission on Human Rights/UN Human Rights Council (Geneva) 1.4M Likes 1.4M Followers
18.00 Gates Foundation 1.2M Likes 1.7M Followers
19.00 United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees 1.1M Likes 2M Followers
20.00 Humane Society of the United States 2.5M Likes 370K Followers
21.00 ONE 1.1M Likes 909K Followers
22.00 Cleveland Clinic Foundation 1.5M Likes 556K Followers
23.00 Amnesty International 1.1M Likes 744K Followers
24.00 St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital 1.9M Likes 399K Followers
25.00 Operation Blessing International Relief 2M Likes 346K Followers
26.00 Invisible Children 3M Likes 248K Followers
27.00 Amnesty International USA 793K Likes 1.8M Followers
28.00 American Red Cross 725K Likes 2.6M Followers
29.00 Mayo Foundation 833K Likes 1.3M Followers
30.00 Doctors Without Borders 1.2M Likes 534K Followers
31.00 American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) 1.5M Likes 310K Followers
32.00 American Cancer Society 1.1M Likes 635K Followers
33.00 World Food Program USA 750K Likes 1.2M Followers
34.00 World Vision USA 1.1M Likes 569K Followers
35.00 Stand Up To Cancer (Entertainment Industry Foundation) 1.3M Likes 275K Followers
36.00 Nature Conservancy 850K Likes 513K Followers
37.00 National Wildlife Federation 1.1M Likes 401K Followers
38.00 Smithsonian Institute 452K Likes 2.3M Followers
39.00 Green Peace 475K Likes 1.5M Followers
40.00 American Museum of Natural History 903K Likes 282K Followers
41.00 Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation 2M Likes 118K Followers
42.00 Samaritan's Purse 1.2M Likes 163K Followers
43.00 Focus on the Family 2.6M Likes 84.3K Followers
44.00 In Touch Ministries 1.2M Likes 160K Followers
45.00 Oceana 752K Likes 241K Followers
46.00 Our Daily Bread Ministries (RBC Ministries) 2.5M Likes 75.7K Followers
47.00 Make-A-Wish 811K Likes 202K Followers
48.00 AARP 1.4M Likes 99.9K Followers
49.00 Billy Graham Evangelistic Association 2.2M Likes 77.7K Followers
50.00 American Heart Association 813K Likes 201K Followers
51.00 ACLU 668K Likes 257K Followers
52.00 CARE 406K Likes 657K Followers
53.00 Charity: Water 331K Likes 1.5M Followers
54.00 USO 845K Likes 129K Followers
55.00 Rotary Foundation of Rotary International 452K Likes 303K Followers
56.00 Natural Resources Defense Council 564K Likes 195K Followers
57.00 New York Public Library 244K Likes 1.4M Followers
58.00 Sierra Club 521K Likes 190K Followers
59.00 Feeding America 569K Likes 168K Followers
60.00 National Audubon Society 778K Likes 96.1K Followers
61.00 American Diabetes Association 657K Likes 105K Followers
62.00 Kiva 281K Likes 571K Followers
63.00 Planned Parenthood Federation of America 406K Likes 205K Followers
64.00 Sea Shepherd Conservatory Society 385K Likes 238K Followers
65.00 Safe Kids Worldwide 1.1M Likes 60.2K Followers
66.00 Compassion International 383K Likes 217K Followers
67.00 Special Olympics 749K Likes 82.1K Followers
68.00 Alzheimer's Association 697K Likes 81.1K Followers
69.00 Habitat for Humanity 491K Likes 111K Followers
70.00 Council on Foreign Relations 317K Likes 277K Followers
71.00 Creative Commons 228K Likes 602K Followers
72.00 Art Institute of Chicago 408K Likes 141K Followers
73.00 Friends of the National Zoo 427K Likes 125K Followers
74.00 Metropolitan Opera 362K Likes 184K Followers
75.00 National Parks Conservation Association 382K Likes 148K Followers
76.00 The Center for Strategic and International Studies 343K Likes 175K Followers
77.00 The Trevor Project 315K Likes 220K Followers
78.00 Monterey Bay Aquarium 575K Likes 78.6K Followers
79.00 Defenders of Wildlife 629K Likes 67.7K Followers
80.00 LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) 395K Likes 106K Followers
81.00 Zoological Society of San Diego 552K Likes 77.9K Followers
82.00 Disabled American Veterans 1.3M Likes 41.1K Followers
83.00 Girl Effect 330K Likes 172K Followers
84.00 Farm Sanctuary 466K Likes 80.9K Followers
85.00 March of Dimes 619K Likes 58.1K Followers
86.00 The Zakat Foundation of America 691K Likes 52.3K Followers
87.00 Oxfam International 152K Likes 750K Followers
88.00 Columbus Zoo and Aquarium 346K Likes 92.1K Followers
89.00 Walk Free 6.2M Likes 24.8K Followers
90.00 Girl Scouts of the USA 406K Likes 61.7K Followers
91.00 International Fund for Animal Welfare 535K Likes 53.8K Followers
92.00 Women for Women International 318K Likes 88.9K Followers
93.00 Children's Hospital (Boston) 744K Likes 40.7K Followers
94.00 Conservation International Foundation 256K Likes 108K Followers
95.00 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 272K Likes 98.5K Followers
96.00 Teach for America 234K Likes 137K Followers
97.00 North Shore Animal League America 653K Likes 41.6K Followers
98.00 Boy Scouts of America 374K Likes 59.4K Followers
99.00 International Rescue Committee 261K Likes 92.6K Followers
100.00 National FFA Foundation 337K Likes 62K Followers


  • Thousands of nonprofit organizations are reviewed in a preliminary screening to determine if their statistics are competitive enough to be ranked.
  • 500 organizations are then selected to be ranked.
  • Data is collected for each nonprofit for Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers.
  • For each of the 6 measured criteria, each organization is ranked in comparison to all other nonprofit organizations being evaluated.
  • A composite rank for each nonprofit is determined by giving by 50% weight to Facebook Likes and 50% to Twitter Followers
  • The top 50 organizations are published.