The following is a regularly updated list of the top nonprofits on social media.

Note: Colleges, universities, and churches were not evaluated for this list. For a legend explaining how the rankings are computed, scroll down past the list.

Top 50 Nonprofits on Social Media

Last updated 5/01/14


RankOrganizationFacebook LikesTwitter Followers
1Ted Talks46093812580528
2National Public Radio - NPR36068132331434
3United Nations Children«s Fund (UNICEF)31682632645543
5Public Broadcasting Service17753421876259
6Museum of Modern Art15687791688841
7World Wildlife Fund14886411313488
9United States Olympic Committee2591709557801
11PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)2335572476886
12World Bank PNGO Project1215565687034
13Metropolitan Museum of Art1107693707284
14Human Rights Watch (HRW)8755721114644
15Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation7969661167580
17William J. Clinton Foundation2042574351906
18American Red Cross5975411254930
19Invisible Children3376399272549
20Human Rights Campaign1643343379271
21Save the Children675698918632
22Humane Society of the United States1944562250018
23American Cancer Society903479460197
24Amnesty International USA547673991657
25St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital1529219295118
26World Wildlife Fund929899411042
27United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees3989671503306
28Mayo Foundation508112761202
29World Vision1050358340513
30Do Something501168692017
31American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)1283642215378
32Cleveland Clinic Foundation896872237591
33Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres657008382063
34Charity: water2909891420883
35Stand Up To Cancer (Entertainment Industry Foundation)1092374206203
36World Food Program USA395739646348
37Smithsonian Institute2857801179419
38Nature Conservancy559668286229
39Wounded Warrior Project1560813101020
40Green Peace2498641031505
43Amnesty International342277276768
44Feeding America534315134462
45Make-A-Wish America516669153654
46World Vision USA105036265920
47Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation71142283403
49In Touch Ministries533068117498
50International Committee of the Red Cross379766204386


  • Thousands of nonprofit organizations are reviewed in a preliminary screening to determine if their statistics are competitive enough to be ranked.
  • 500 organizations are then selected to be ranked.
  • Data is collected for each nonprofit for Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers.
  • For each of the 6 measured criteria, each organization is ranked in comparison to all other nonprofit organizations being evaluated.
  • A composite rank for each nonprofit is determined by giving by 50% weight to Facebook Likes and 50% to Twitter Followers
  • The top 50 organizations are published.