Have you ever wondered which nonprofits have the most followers on twitter? The following is a regularly updated list of the 50 top nonprofits on twitter based on total twitter followers.

Feel free to reach out to us or to recommend an organization for us to evaluate for this list.

Note: Colleges, universities, and individual churches were not part of the analysis.

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Top Nonprofits on Twitter

Last Updated Nov 5th, 2014

Ted Talks - Nonprofit with most twitter followers1. TEDTalks
ted.com | twitter profile

Top Nonprofits on Twitter - UNICEF2. United Nations Children´s Fund (UNICEF)
unicef.org | twitter profile

Best Non-profits on Twitter - NPR3. National Public Radio
npr.org | twitter profile

Nonprofit with most twitter followers - Wikileaks4. WikiLeaks
wikileaks.org | twitter profile

Top Nonprofits on Twitter - PBS5. Public Broadcasting Service 
pbs.org | twitter profile

Nonprofits with most twitter followers - MOMA6. Museum of Modern Art
moma.org | twitter profile

7. United Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesNonprofits with most twitter followers - UNHCR
unhcr.org | twitter profile

Best Non-profits on Twitter - American Red Cross8. American Red Cross
redcross.org | twitter profile

Nonprofits with most twitter followers - WWF9. World Wildlife Fund
worldwildlife.org | panda.org |twitter profile

Human Rights Watch10. Human Rights Watch (HRW)
hrw.org | twitter profile

11. charity: waterTop Nonprofits on Twitter - Charity Water
charitywater.org | twitter profile

Top Nonprofits on Twitter - Smithsonian12. Smithsonian Institute
si.edu | twitter profile

Nonprofits with most twitter followers - Gates Foundation13. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
gatesfoundation.org | twitter profile

Amnesty International Logo14. Amnesty International USA
amnestyusa.org | twitter profile

Nonprofits with most twitter followers - Green Peace15. Green Peace
greenpeace.org | twitter profile

Save the Children Logo16. Save the Children
savethechildren.org | twitter profile

Best Non-profits on Twitter - RED17. (RED)
joinred.com | twitter profile

mayo-twitter-avatar_400x40018. Mayo Clinic
mayoclinic.org | twitter profile

Nonprofits with most twitter followers - MetMuseum19. MetMuseum
metmuseum.org | twitter profile

In order to preserve page load time, the remaining 30 top nonprofits on twitter will be listed without images or follow buttons.  Last updated 11/04/14

21. World Food Program USA
wfp.org | twitter profile
Followers – 803k

22. Livestrong
livestrong.org | twitter profile
Followers – 754k

23. DoSomething
dosomething.org | twitter profile
Followers – 735k

24. Water.org
water.org | twitter profile
Followers – 671K

25. Room to Read
roomtoread.org | twitter profile
Followers – 626k

26. Oxfam International
oxfam.org | twitter profile
Followers – 586k

 27. United States Olympic Committee
teamusa.org | twitter profile
Followers – 584K

28. CARE
care.org | twitter profile
Followers – 572K

29. Creative Commons
creativecommons.org | twitter profile
Followers – 570K

30. Kiva
kiva.org | twitter profile
Followers – 548k

31. PETA – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
peta.org | twitter profile
Followers – 527k

32. American Cancer Society
cancer.org | twitter profile
Followers – 522k

33. Case Foundation
casefoundation.org | twitter profile
Followers – 500k

34. Echoing Green
echoinggreen.org/ | twitter profile
Followers – 471k

35. Ashoka
ashoka.org/ | twitter profile
Followers – 453k

36. Human Rights Campaign
hrc.org | twitter profile
Followers – 449K

37. Clinton Foundation
clintonfoundation.org | twitter profile
Followers – 448K

38. Acumen Fund
acumenfund.org | twitter profile
Followers – 444k

39. Skoll Foundation
skollfoundation.org | twitter profile
Followers – 440k

40. Doctors Without Borders
doctorswithoutborders.org | twitter profile
Followers – 432k

41. World Vision
wvi.org | twitter profile
Followers – 407k

42. Witness
witness.org/ | twitter profile
Followers – 385k

43. St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital
stjude.org | twitter profile
Followers – 360k

44. New York Public Library
nypl.org/ | twitter profile
Followers – 354k

45. Samasource
samasource.org/ | twitter profile
Followers – 298k

46. The Humane Society
humanesociety.org | twitter profile
Followers – 290K

47. Invisible Children
invisiblechildren.com | twitter profile
Followers – 264k

48. HopeMob
hopemob.org | twitter profile
Followers – 259k

49. Rotary Foundation of Rotary International
rotary.org | twitter profile
Followers – 252k

50. A Broader View
abroaderview.org | twitter profile
Followers – 201k