Don’t Let Another Giving Season Go By (Part 2 of 3)

Don’t Let Another Giving Season Go By (Part 2 of 3)

Part 1- Platform: “What platform is right for my organization and how can I get the biggest “bang for the buck?”  (Thurs. Aug. 24 @1:00 EDT- REGISTER HERE )

Part 2-Frequency: “I don’t have time for all this posting and pictures…and videos! How can I do this?” (Thurs. Sept. 14 @1:00 EDT  REGISTER HERE )

Part 3- Call to Action/Conversion: “What should I be doing to get followers and visitors convert to donors?” (Thurs. Sept. 28 @1:00 EDT REGISTER HERE )

YOU will learn:

  • How to effectively advertise on Facebook  (even on a tight budget)
  • Why Facebook Live is a critical networking secret
  • What NOT being on YouTube is costing your organization
  • How to create videos people will LOVE and will have IMPACT
  • Why Instagram should be part of your strategy
  • Secrets to building a social media feed that attracts followers

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Craig Van Korlaar

Craig specializes in strategy, systems, and metrics. He enjoys cross-pollinating ideas from the nonprofit, government, and business sectors (all of which he's worked in). In addition to heading up, his passions include technology, books, social causes, and the global church.