On a beautiful Saturday in April, TopNonprofits’ own Amy DeVita spent the afternoon at The Red Mill Museum Village in Clinton, New Jersey, for the MAX Challenge Day of Giving. Though this year was the first for the Clinton location, the MAX Challenge Day of Giving events have taken place for the last three years in over 60 communities nationwide.


With a goal of raising awareness, support, and funds for individual charities, the Day of Giving festivities featured plenty of family-friendly activities for a $20 per family admission fee. Face painting and crafts for the kids, food trucks, coffee (even the nitro cold brew!), live music, specialty items and jewelry, workshops, silent auction, and even workout classes.


The benefactor – Prevention Resources Inc. – received all admission proceeds from the day. Prevention Resources Inc.’s name has evolved over the years, but its dedication to fighting the effects of addiction has not waned since 1971. The organization promotes health and wellness of individuals, families, and community through education, collaboration, advocacy, and treatment.


With over $300,000 raised during last year’s Day of Giving, The MAX Challenge events are yet another example of partnerships in the community working toward the greater good. Whether it’s a group of nonprofits working together to benefit a collective community, or a group of for-profit vendors coming together to benefit a shared nonprofit relationship, partnerships for good are becoming exceedingly popular. And they can be incredibly successful ways to truly engage a total community.

Why should you consider partnerships for fundraising and development?


More exposure. Even if you’re an established brand, getting your name out to a potentially new audience is valuable. It’s important to stay true to your organization’s own mission and values, but hopefully this will be part of the initial discussion with the partnership.


More capacity. I don’t know about you, but most nonprofits I know are incredibly scrappy. Meaning that while your title might be Director of Digital Media (like mine), there are days where you might find yourself sealing thank-you notes or cleaning up a mess in the kitchenette because there’s an important meeting on the books for the afternoon, or running out to pick up a print job for a colleague who is running errands on the other side of town. When you partner with other companies and organizations, this could mean that resources increase and you might even have more time to focus on the more time-consuming parts of your job description.


New opportunities for your staff. More capacity can also mean more opportunities for your staff to flex into new tasks and roles. Have an Office Manager who has a knack for graphic design? Maybe they should lead the partnership’s work on designing a letterhead or a web graphic. The potential opportunities for professional and personal development are a great way to invest in your team.


Potentially larger budget. Depending on the scale and terms of a partnership, you could have a larger budget. While nonprofits typically shy away from increasing budget, more exposure, access, and funds hopefully indicates that a larger budget means you’ll also have more to work with. (insert winky face here)


The Clinton, New Jersey, MAX Day of Giving raised $412 for the Red Mill Museum Village and $5,536 for Prevention Resources, Inc.  You can also check out Amy’s video coverage of the The MAX Challenge Day of Giving Clinton here! You can also check out photos from the event here.



What is The MAX Challenge?

The MAX Challenge is a fitness community that boasts a 10-week body transformation system that combines nutritional counseling, fitness classes, and motivation to make lasting changes to members’ appearances and overall well-being. Learn more here.