Were you kicking yourself when all those other organizations debuted images with a Star Wars tie in on premier day?

How about those clever groups that had #Throwbackthursday content queued up with a shout out to “Back to the Future Day” on October 21, 2015?

Or, my personal favorite, an email fundraising campaign on paid family leave just in time for the birth of Princess Kate’s second little one.

The nonprofits I am thinking of are doing a great job paying attention to pop culture and using it to influence their social media strategy and content calendar in a timely way.

On this month’s episode of the Top NonProfits podcast, I’m sharing the results of interviews with several digital strategy colleagues who do this so well.

Listen in to learn:

  • Which resources to use to stay informed about pop culture trends and news. Mashable, Twitter, and the Huffington Post Celebrity section are a few easy resources.
  • How to incorporate pop culture content into your social media presence. Are you ready to be funny? Or does your organization take a more serious tone?
  • Which pop culture trends are worthy of a tie-in from your organization? There is a simple test: is it trending on Twitter or Facebook? If not, think twice before assuming your followers will get your pop culture shout out.
  • How to leverage easy to use tools to keep track of all of this information (think Google Calendars, a shared content calendar, the scheduled posts feature on Facebook and other tools like Hootsuite, too).
  • How to use “social media celebrities” to get your organization’s message out. Be sure to choose an online influencer who is already speaking about the topics your organization works on.
  • ….and so much more.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions! Send ‘em my way at @EmilyGoodstein. Happy listening.