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5G: Making the Most of Mobility and the Coming Revolution

The proliferation of mobile devices has permanently transformed the ways people and organizations connect, communicate and deliver impact. As it happens, however, this is only the beginning: The advent of 5G will not only affirm the critical role of mobility in our connected world but also expand it, laying the groundwork for a fourth industrial revolution.

This revolution will be powered by technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, the Internet of Things, automation, advanced robotics and drones, among many others with the potential to remake virtually every facet of our society.

Already, we’re seeing glimpses of how these advances can enact positive change in our world. In partnership with the NYC Media Lab, the Verizon Foundation hosted the Verizon 5G EdTech Challenge, a call for innovators, academics and non-profit leaders nationwide to submit ideas for powerful, transformative education solutions. The winning projects and others show the enormous potential of 5G to support wholesale changes in everyday contexts like the classroom.

Apart from delivering enhanced and immersive educational experiences to the leaders of tomorrow, the connected technologies of the fourth industrial revolution will be harnessed by the leaders of today to deliver innovative applications in healthcare, media, business and beyond.

The Revolution of the Everyday

Of course, not every organization will have the resources or even necessarily the need to employ some of these capabilities from the cutting-edge. Regardless, it will be impossible to escape the effects of 5G.

The same lightning-fast speeds and ultra-low latencies that will enable driverless cars and telesurgery will also power our mobile devices, with 1.5 billion people estimated to use 5G within the next five years. And these users won’t just enjoy the incredible speed with which they can download the latest season of their favorite show. These speeds will deepen our reliance on our devices to connect, communicate, collaborate and, ultimately, make change.

Its roots already visible in today’s mobile devices, this coming revolution of the everyday means nonprofit organizations can no longer afford to ignore the importance of mobile-centric strategies in executing their missions. To continue to enact change, nonprofits will have to keep pace with the change that’s unfolding all around them. Whether that’s by tapping into the technologies supported by 5G or by employing simpler mobile-first tactics that enhance connectivity and productivity, nonprofits can help ensure that they’re making the very most of mobility in the pursuit of their mission.

New Tech to Tell Your Story

Augmented reality and virtual reality will be among those bolstered by the spread of 5G. Aside from applications in healthcare and education, these technologies will empower those with access to tell their stories in ways that have never been possible.

For nonprofit leaders, this can translate to providing unparalleled immersion in your mission. Rather than simply describing or sharing a photo of the important work you’re doing every day, augmented and virtual reality can help you deliver an up-close look at that world, helping you to engage and attract support like never before.

Keep Your Team Connected, Wherever They Are

There’s no need to wait on the advances of tomorrow. Rather, you can take steps to make the most of mobility today. The tools and technologies are already there to equip members of your team to work anytime, anywhere.

With a commitment to a mobile-first strategy and workflow, organizations can, whenever necessary, enact an always-on approach to serving their mission. With mobile applications that centralize communications, enable coordination, and eliminate the cumbersome paper trail of the past, nonprofits that commit to mobility can more effectively support a network of volunteers, cut costs and improve productivity.

Mobilize Your Fundraising Abilities

Mobility does more than just better connect your workforce. It’s also capable of helping you more effectively reach potential donors and supporters wherever they are. And with our dependence on mobility only set to increase, the best place to reach these audiences will be on their mobile devices. Empowering both current and future supporters to donate to your cause through simple and seamless mobile methods, including text-to-give, mobile-friendly sites, mobile point-of-sale systems or even custom mobile apps, you can make sure that you don’t miss out on any opportunities to raise the revenue you need.

Ultimately, this 5G-powered revolution is all about one thing: increasing our ability to connect with the people and things in the world around us. There’s enormous potential for nonprofits to leverage new technologies to kick off their own revolutions within this increasingly mobile and connected world and to better deliver against the promise of their missions. And making the most of that potential starts today.


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