Since I’ve started my own freelance business, I am constantly perusing the Internet and talking with friends about really great (mostly free) tech tools they can use to help build their business. There are tons, people. All of them have their own quirks. Some of them (compare Google Hangouts to Skype) are a matter of which platform sucks less.


But some of them, like, are just PURE GOLD.


One of my clients is a company that sits in a pretty complicated and highly regulated industry. In fact, most people glaze over when you start to talk about the business (myself included). But this particular tool gives some of the best insight into what customers don’t know, what they want to know, and what they’re still confused on. This information is INCREDIBLY important for us to have when we’re strategizing customer-facing blogs and direct mail campaigns. And here are a few ways  you can use it:


Developing content. This website is a huge win if you’re hitting a little writer’s block when developing your content calendar. Or perhaps you have an idea in mind, but aren’t sure what direction to take it. Search your keyword terms and you’ll be given a magnificent amount of themes based on what people have Google’d. It’s genius, really. The site separates topics out by questions asked and prepositions used, so you’ve got a ton of things to choose from!


Beefing up your SEO. SEO, to me, is always a game of luck. Things change so much on the Internet, that it’s impossible to be 100% every single time. But this website can help you determine how specific you want to be. See what people are actually searching for and then do some research – where does your page show up when you Google those keywords? What are those other pages doing that you’re not? How can you improve your content and keyword usage to move up on the list? This is a great place to start.


Anticipating questions. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to have answers to questions that you might be asked? Well, this tool can certainly help! Use this tool to find what questions people are already asking and incorporate that into your content or into your FAQs.


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Learning about consumers in other countries. Does your organization operate globally? You have the ability to see the same stats for a large amount of other countries, too. Simply select the country and type in your keyword or phrase. If you don’t operate internationally, you might find some innovative content ideas or thoughts you hadn’t considered by looking at what other countries are talking about on the same subject.


Have you used before? What other ways are you using it to benefit your organization? Tell us in the comments below!