With the first quarter of 2017 nearly behind us, it’s a great time to check in with progress you’ve made on your resolutions and professional goals.


While I’m epically failing at the whole “going to the gym” thing, I have found a ton of great ways to hold myself accountable to my work and my business. And thankfully, THERE’S ALWAYS AN APP FOR THAT.


Here are a few that I absolutely love:


Goal: Stop wasting so much time on my smartphone.

App for that: OFFTIME

Available on: iOS and Android

Price: $2.99


Smartphones are excellent for managing your business on the go. But what about all of the other distractions they place right at your fingertips? Social media, 24/7 news alerts, addicting games, 24/7 access to work emails, and instant communication via text message and FaceTime can really take a toll on your concentration and productivity. OFFTIME lets you schedule Work, Family, or Me Time and gives you access to all the things you’ll need for those and blocks the things you don’t. Example: Your Me Time may block apps like Facebook, Outlook for Mobile, Text messages, and SnapChat, but will make sure you have access to your Yoga, Fitness, and Music apps.


Goal: Become conversational in another language.

App for that: Duolingo

Available on: iOS and Android

Price: FREE


This app is incredible. Whether you’re trying to brush up on your college French classes, or you’re thinking about taking a trip to Spain in the summer, Duolingo is an awesome (FREE) app that makes learning a new language almost as addicting as Candy Crush. Whether you’re sitting on the train, taking a break, or killing time before you go to bed, you can open the app at any time and start a lesson. Set up your notifications to remind you that you need to do your lessons every day. ¡Que disfrutes!


Goal: Invest in my retirement.

App for that: Acorns

Available on: iOS and Android

Price: FREE


The facts are kind of scary – 71% of Americans aren’t saving enough for retirement. And many attribute this fact to a lack of income and more and more employers dropping out of the 401k game. I don’t know about you, but I think being retired sounds pretty great, and I want to make sure I’m continuing to set myself up for a debt-free, comfortable retirement. With Acorns, you can sync up your credit or debit card, even your PayPal account, and round up to the nearest dollar each time you make a purchase – literally investing your spare change each time you make a transaction. You can also make an additional daily, weekly, or monthly contribution – as low as $1 – to continue your investment track.


Goal: Read more books.

App for that: OverDrive

Available on: iOS and Android

Price: FREE (with Library membership)


I love the feel of a physical book in my hands, and love to have stacks of books littered throughout my house. But when I’m at the office or in the car, it’s really nice to be able to listen to a book. With a goal of finishing at least two books a month this year, I decided to download OverDrive. This app syncs up with your library to provide a “digital collection” of eBooks and Audiobooks. The process is similar to that of a physical library – you check out a title and have a certain period of time to read/listen to it before it needs to go back or be renewed. But it’s totally free and there are plenty of titles to keep you busy!


What goals are you working toward this year? And how has the wonderful world of apps helped you along? Tell us in the comments!