Tips on How to Successfully Manage Millennials [PODCAST]


Do you know how to manage intergenerational teams?  Kishshana Palmer wants you to know that if you think you’re going to get (and keep!) great talent by using the same old approach you are sadly mistaken. She shared some of her best tips on how to successfully manage millennials in this episode of our podcast.

Kishshana has worked in various roles– everything from fundraising to marketing/communications to policy–at nonprofit organizations. She knows that managing an intergenerational team isn’t something to just take a swing at without proper preparation. Each generation has its own style- and it’s important to tailor your communications to speak to it.

Attracting Millennials to Work at Your Organization

You need to think about that job description you are writing right now. Are you using it as the marketing tool it can be? Use this to explain to the reader:
Here’s why my organization ROCKS!

Here’s the challenge we are facing.

Could you see yourself here?

Retaining Millennials at Your Organization

Think about your current On-Boarding Process. Really think about it. Have you considered what the new staffer will need in terms of tools to make them successful? Have you created procedures that will enable them to accomplish the goals they are expected to meet?

Ensure you have your act together before they show up.

Rewarding Millennials at Your Organization

Do not confuse rewarding with participation awarding. Rather, this is an opportunity to set benchmarks that help your staff reach meaningful goals- and to reinforce their successes as they are met. Our organizations don’t save (fill in the blank: people, environment, animals, etc) just because there is “participation.” Our missions can only be achieved through strategic and intentional work.


Listen to this interview with Kishshana Palmer for her best practices around managing millennials. You can see her in action, and learn from her as she takes a deeper dive into this topic as a keynote at the AFP NJ Chapter’s Annual Conference on Philanthropy on Nov. 16, 2017.

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