You’ve heard it said many times: Nonprofits have great stories to tell! Story telling is the secret to better donor engagement. You know that there’s no better way to tell a story than through the use of video. This webinar explores the best ways to use video to tell your story and be an effective nonprofit marketing tool.

But, the question remains: How?

Video is just one element of a nonprofit marketing strategy, but can be incredibly effective if done the right way. Finally, some tips on HOW.

An eye-opening look at how video can be used as an effective nonprofit marketing tool for your organization in this free webinar.

Genevieve Castelin-Merchant, knows a thing or two about stories, as a veteran filmmaker, she has wealth of experience with video and marketing. Genevieve will present her tips on the best uses of this medium for nonprofits and have time for a Q&A with attendees.


  • Ways to Increase Viewer Engagement
  • Keys to Viral Videos
  • What to Expect in Production Costs- and Creative Ways to Fund it

About the presenter: Genevieve, Principal at Chakra Media Group, has been producing films for over 10 years and writing for over 15. Before that she was a successful senior executive in information technology. She is as passionate about stories and telling them as she is about making sure that projects are completed on time and on budget.  Today she spends her days helping clients understand how best to leverage this powerful medium and producing successful campaigns around video.

You can watch the recording of the webinar, below: