Consider this: The average pay of a white woman in the United States is 78 cents on the dollar, compared to her counterpart… and much lower for women of color (see chart, below).

Gender Pay Gap

With the issue gaining more visibility through an Oscar acceptance speech by  Patricia Arquette or in President Obama’s State of the Union Speech, and on the 2016 Presdential Campaign trail, the topic is gaining more attention.

Ironically, according to reasearch by The Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management, the gender pay gap is even greater in the nonprofit sector. Yes, the same sector which works tirelessly toward ending injustices, breaking down barriers and fighting for equality. The Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management’s “74% Project” has found that a woman working for a nonprofit is making even less than the national average, at only 75 cents on the dollar.

The Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management at Robert Morris University has been listening to those working in the nonprofit sector for years. Since 2008, extensive research and conversations have revealed the state of women in nonprofit careers.  Through this on-going research, the 74% project has sharpened its focus on three big questions:

·         How can we assure young nonprofit professional women have opportunities for increased responsibilities and leadership roles?

·         How are older nonprofit professional women going to retool their careers and eventually retire with dignity?

·         How can we strengthen the board of directors’ sense of responsibility to its employees?

Find out more about the research and how to work toward closing the gender pay gap.

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Join Peggy Morrison Outon, Executive Director of the Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management on a journey through this research and story-driven project , and help bring this issue the attention it needs to become a movement!

Peggy Outon is founding Executive Director of the Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management at Robert Morris University. She is also founding Director of the Centers for Effective Nonprofit Management in Austin and New Orleans, and the founding Board Chair of the Alliance for Nonprofit Management. A nationally noted consultant and trainer, Peggy has worked with more than 700 nonprofits. She served as founding member and trainer for the Drucker Foundation’s international training team. An active community volunteer, Peggy has served on 33 community Boards and countless committees. She was named to the national Nonprofit Times Top 50 for Power and Influence and has been recognized locally by several organizations, including the Girls Scouts and Pittsburgh City Council.