When you’re stretched thin already, it’s tough to make yourself focus on things that don’t give you immediate return on investment. But as a blogger and content strategist myself, it frightens me to hear about and see organizations who let their blogs fall to the wayside.

Your blog serves as a reflection of your company. It’s a venue that gives you free reign to post content that is relevant to your specific audience. It helps you serve as an expert in your particular area and it also gives you original content to share to your social media accounts.

Blogs don’t have to take you all the time in the world. In fact, dedicating about an hour a week should get you to a good place. Here are some tips to help simplify the process:

Unless you’re running a news website, blog only once a week. When you think about how much information is available to a consumer, it would be almost silly to think that they’re stalking your blog every day, hoping for new content. Just like you, most of the people who would be reading your blog are busy. Don’t put pressure on yourself to do much more than that timing cadence.

Keep your content simple. No one is looking for a term paper when they come to your blog. Blogs are meant to capture the voice of the organization and share news and opinions on the various topics the organization cares about. The place for research and mass amounts of information comes with a white paper and, from a timing perspective, those will take a lot longer (but no one said you had to do them anyway).

Spread the wealth. Everyone’s blogging these days, so I’m almost certain there is someone on your staff who’d love to help with the blog. It’s still important that you manage the content and write one from time to time, but if one (or several) of your staff members are interested, give them the opportunity to submit a couple of posts.

Focus on sharing. You don’t always have to create an original post. In fact, you could have a blog where you share a great article and then spend a couple of paragraphs sharing your reaction. This isn’t high school – you don’t have to have the perfect five paragraph blog post. Sometimes a few sentences before a link to a great, relevant article work just fine.

How are you managing your blog? Do you have any other tips to share? Post them in the comments section below!