As a national conversation takes place around women’s issues, the surprising lack of gender diversity in nonprofit leadership has come to light.


While about 73% of all nonprofit employees are women, only 45% of nonprofit CEO roles are held by women. When it comes to pay, women nonprofit CEOs make just 66% of male salaries.


Fortunately, many nonprofits are having open discussions and taking action to promote gender equity in and beyond their organizations.

In support of this crucial initiative, DonorPerfect partnered with five inspiring women who rose to the top of their organizations to create The Nonprofit Leadership Workbook for Women.


The Nonprofit Leadership Workbook for Women is designed to help women develop and demonstrate their skills, build their personal brand, expand their professional network, and speak up to get what they really want – in and beyond the office. Its exercises challenge readers to set goals and create an action plan to achieve them.


Workbook topics include:

  • 5 Truths and a Lie
  • 3 Goals for Aspiring Leaders
  • Build Your Brand
  • Adopt a Mentor
  • Establish Your Network
  • Collaborate and Shine
  • Make the Ask
  • Pay It Forward


Vice-President of Development at YWCA USA and workbook contributor Tycely Williams says, “The Nonprofit Leadership Workbook for Women serves up an actionable and achievable plan to inspire women to lead with clarity, compassion and renewed confidence. Regardless of where you are or where you want to be—these tips will help you achieve or sustain your leadership success.”


In addition to professional development, the workbook addresses how to balance the many roles women play outside the office. “It’s so easy for modern women to get in that space where you’re just everything to everyone all the time,” says workbook contributor, author, and women’s advocate Marcia Coné. “We need to teach women and girls that, ‘You matter and you need to take of yourself, because that way, you’ll have more to give to those around you.”


This holistic approach to success is what makes The Nonprofit Leadership Workbook for Women a must-read for fundraising professionals who aspire to lead.


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