This month’s Top Non-Profits podcast is all about Google Drive. We discuss how to leverage the powerful tools found within Google’s cloud based suite of tools (including Google spreadsheet, document and calendar) to make your organization’s content strategy shine.

For starters, we dig deep into the spreadsheet tool.

This is an obvious choice to build a content calendar… you know, dates in Column A and channels/topics in Row 1. But there is so. much. more.
Check out this template from Bluewire media (it is formatted for 2015 but you get the idea).

But the Google Drive spreadsheet tool goodness doesn’t end there.

We discuss:

How to use it as a conversation starter within your organization, a multi channel communication wizard and delegation strategy, too.

And don’t forget metrics.

The Google Drive spreadsheet is PERFECT for exporting data from Facebook and social media tracking tools and evaluating what’s working and… what’s not.

Next, we jump to the Google Calendar.

Can you see this working?
In addition to doctor’s appointments and staff meetings, you can use the shared Google Calendar feature to coordinate your organization’s content calendar too.
The option to block off specific dates and times also comes in handy when attempting to leverage key posting times, specific holidays and other scheduling goodness.

This episode of the Top Non-Profits Podcast was such a blast to work on.

I am really curious now: how does your organization leverage Google Drive tools for content calendar coordination? Tweet me with your thoughts at @EmilyGoodstein.

With undying love for all cloud based spreadsheets,

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