Does your organization have great upcoming events but lack the volunteers needed? Or do you have the volunteers but need the most efficient tools for keeping everyone up-to-date?

There are thousands of tools organizations can use to gain and manage their volunteers. Here are 8 popular tools for organizing your volunteer needs.

Google Docs is a universal tool that is ideal for connecting and sharing information. Users can share documents, spreadsheets, schedules, and presentations for free and have access to their information from any computer.

VolunteerSpot is a free scheduling tool that allows you to coordinate volunteers. You can post calendars and sign-up sheets online, allowing potential volunteers to view the days and times volunteers are needed.

VolunteerMatch provides information and contact information regarding volunteer opportunities in your community. Post your events and potential volunteers can explore and sign up.

ScheduleOnce is a free online scheduling service that compares all your attendees online calendars and finds the best available time. This tool Integrates with Google Calendars.

Meetup is ideal for individuals in the sector to organize volunteers online then schedule and time and place to meet up in person–in addition to promoting your events.

SurveyMonkey allows users to create and publish free questionnaires. Users can send out surveys through emails, social media, and even on their websites. By sending a survey to your volunteers after the event, your organization can gain useful information for the next event.

twtpoll enables users to create polls that can be share through twitter and other social media sites. This is another great survey tool for gaining useful information.

These are just a handful of the popular tools used for organizing volunteers and projects. Let us know how your organization manages their volunteers and we’ll feature your favorites here.

About the Author: James Zackal is a writer, music enthusiast, and Netflix addict. A graduate student at California University or Pennsylvania pursuing a Master of Business Administration, he is a writer at New Place Collaborations, LLC in Pittsburgh and a Marketing Assistant at Web Strategies in Winchester.