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4 Tips for Managing Your Nonprofit Board

How to Manage Your Non-Profit Board   Congratulations, you are now the new executive director of a non-profit organization. One of the most challenging things you will have to do is to effectively “manage up” and work well with your board of directors. As an executive director, it is critically important to set the right … Continue reading

Nonprofit Hiring

Nonprofit Hiring: The Right Degree?

  Are liberal arts degrees the norm in the nonprofit sector? These days, many recent college graduates experience cautious optimism. The world is at their fingertips, but what lucrative direction will their degrees take them? For liberal arts graduates in areas such as sociology and philosophy, job prospects could seem limited – on the surface. … Continue reading

Nonprofit Storytelling through video

Storytelling Through Video: Excellent Example

California couple Nathanael and Christina Matanick hope to increase awareness of foster care system dynamics through the powerful impact of storytelling through video. Their first film on the subject, ReMoved, did just that—being swiftly adopted by agencies throughout the country and world as part of the core training curriculum for new foster parents. Several months … Continue reading

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Nonprofit Cyber Security Needs

  With our limited resources, keeping secure is often overlooked. But nonprofit cyber security needs should be top of mind.  Nonprofits store a ton of personal information online. Information such as donor data, credit card information, staff employment and health insurance. Imagine how your donors would feel about sharing any information, were there a breach … Continue reading

Affinity funders

Mining Affinity Funders Efficiently

Affinity Funders: Those foundations sound like appropriate prospects. You know the ones. Their specialized missions seem to be a match, but perhaps the foundation has a more specific focus than is apparent at first glance. Perhaps your lead is not located in your region or state. Maybe it’s family-managed association that essentially underwrites its own projects. … Continue reading

Keep Volunteers

8 Ways to Keep Volunteers

8 Wonderful Ways to Keep Volunteers Coming Back by Yvonne Hudson 1. Thank your volunteers and thank them again. Show appreciation in varied ways and always mention volunteers who make your organizational successful. 2. Reward your volunteers. Volunteers have many motivations. While they are supportive of your mission, making connections, being seen at your events, … Continue reading

New Nonprofit Technology? Have a plan!

  Tuesday’s #AppleEvent brought great news – two new iPhone models, the new Apple Watch and the Apple Pay. These much-anticipated releases didn’t fail to deliver great new bells and whistles, and with the Apple Watch, a completely new mobile technology with features that haven’t been grappled with.   Apple is known for its innovation … Continue reading

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Shape Reputation by Managing Perception

When you were in high school, reputation was everything. How your classmates perceived you, i.e. your way of dressing, what you did for fun, determined whether you had a cool reputation or not. When starting a nonprofit, the way to be cool with the staff, the donors, the board of directors, and the general public … Continue reading