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4 Top Productivity Tips for nonprofits

4 Top Productivity Tips for Busy Nonprofit Pros

At the start of each new year, we all vow to be more productive and accomplish the goals leftover from last year. Let’s make this the year we actually do those things!   There are many ways to increase the productivity at your nonprofit, so get ready to benchmark new achievements to share with your … Continue reading

Tips on Using Linkedin Groups

“Getting” Linkedin Groups

Belonging is an important human attribute human attribute. The corner deli, the pub, the coffee shop–those “third places” where people gather have significance. Online, social plays that role virtually. Professionally, LinkedIn is a leader for connecting with relevant career contacts. It’s also a place to find others with similar interests.   Joining Linkedin groups is a … Continue reading

Roots of Fundraising

The of Roots of Fundraising: How We Got Here

Let’s take a look at the roots of fundraising.   Did the history of professional fundraising in the U.S. begin with the Village People? Not exactly, but the YMCA played a significant role.   The origins of America were ripe with fundraising, as the wealthy came to the aid of the new colonies, according to Philanthropy … Continue reading

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The Added Values of High Net Worth Donors

When considering your consituents, surely High Net Worth donors, those with $1 million in investable assets or annual income of $200,000+, are always high on your target list. A new report from Bank of America provides some great insight on the charitable habits of High Net Worth (HNW) donors, as well as a few trends, which are … Continue reading

Understanding Corporate funders

Understanding the Corporate Funder

Understanding the Corporate Funder Mentality   What are corporate funders thinking as it relates to charitable giving in the 21st Century? In 2013, according to the Giving USA Foundation, corporations donated $16.76 billion to charity. Although as a total percentage of giving, this is significantly less than donations by individuals, it is still sizable and … Continue reading

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Is Your Nonprofit Board in Strategic Alignment?

This article was originally published on Third Sector Today It’s not every day that I get to enjoy a chocolate egg cream this far west of Brooklyn, let alone enjoy the insight and practical philosophy of an expert who has helped a long list of nonprofit boards. But today was my chance to do both! I met with Dennis C. Miller, … Continue reading

Tips on Using Linkedin Groups

Leveraging Linkedin to Connect Your Nonprofit

This post was originally published on our sister site,  Third Sector Today Feel at Home on LinkedIn LinkedIn is the nice aunt of social media–it’s more civil, professional, and informational. Its “house” is visited by influencers who bring advice, expertise, and resources like the flowers, candy, and wine you bring to your auntie’s place–all for … Continue reading


Joining a Fundraising App? 9 Considerations

This post was originally published on our partner site, Third Sector Today Think about these 9 things before joining a fundraising app. There’s no denying the mobile transformation of every sector of the nonprofit space. Your supporters have mobile phones and if you ask them to give through their phone 62% of millennials say they … Continue reading

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Crowdfunding for Nonprofits: It’s Still Growing!

    Nonprofits in search of more funds and a strong social media program should consider a crowdfunding campaign. Crowdfunding not only raises money but increases brand awareness.   Devin D. Thorpe, author of Crowdfunding for Social Good, believes: “While crowdfunding does not constitute a complete development plan, no development plan is complete without crowdfunding.” … Continue reading