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Keep Volunteers

8 Ways to Keep Volunteers

8 Wonderful Ways to Keep Volunteers Coming Back by Yvonne Hudson 1. Thank your volunteers and thank them again. Show appreciation in varied ways and always mention volunteers who make your organizational successful. 2. Reward your volunteers. Volunteers have many motivations. While they are supportive of your mission, making connections, being seen at your events, … Continue reading

New Nonprofit Technology? Have a plan!

  Tuesday’s #AppleEvent brought great news – two new iPhone models, the new Apple Watch and the Apple Pay. These much-anticipated releases didn’t fail to deliver great new bells and whistles, and with the Apple Watch, a completely new mobile technology with features that haven’t been grappled with.   Apple is known for its innovation … Continue reading

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Shape Reputation by Managing Perception

When you were in high school, reputation was everything. How your classmates perceived you, i.e. your way of dressing, what you did for fun, determined whether you had a cool reputation or not. When starting a nonprofit, the way to be cool with the staff, the donors, the board of directors, and the general public … Continue reading

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8 Steps to Building a Nonprofit Career

  What are your nonprofit career goals? Are you considering making a career change within the sector? Or do you see yourself advancing in your organization over the next few years? Either way, it is important to set goals.   Bridgespan and former Bridgespan partnerWayne Luke discuss the steps to building your career in the … Continue reading


5 Ways to Amp Up Online Marketing

Online marketing and social media can be an incredibly efficient way to gain awareness of your cause and to engage supporters. The trick is to know how to best utilize it. Emily Goodstein, (on Twitter @EmilyGoodstein) D.C.-based Online Marketing and Social Media Strategist, has help for us all.  Take a listen to this podcast to hear … Continue reading

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3 Steps to Combat Social Media Harassment and Intimidation

Beliefs, Lies & the Internet  As your organization continues to grow and your online reach expands, you will encounter negativity. On the web, where the cloak of anonymity allows the worst in people to emerge, online hostility, harassment and intimidation have become commonplace. As a non-profit organization operating in the public sphere, how should you … Continue reading


Demystifying Nonprofit Financial Terms

When Math Meets Creative: Defining Your Nonprofit Financial Terminology   Unless you are the chief financial officer or the accountant/bookkeeper at a nonprofit, you may not be aware of how financial transactions work. Perhaps you are the graphic designer and your mind is swelling with visual ideas. Aside from making the cost of the upcoming … Continue reading

Revloving Door Employee Turnover

Revolving Doors: What’s a Nonprofit To Do About Employee Turnover, Part 1

Today, some nonprofit employees seem like rolling stones. They come in, work for a few years or less, and leave to other opportunities. Why are employees–particularly fundraisers–“gathering no moss”? Can organizations effectively quell the revolving door trend? The Chronicle of Philanthropy reports in Half of Fundraisers in the Top Job Would Like to Quit, that fifty … Continue reading

A Millennial’s Perspective: Job Search

How I Knew It Was Time To Move On… Just a little over a year ago, I left my very first communications job. I adored this job. I had a lot of really great projects that not only validated my skillset, but challenged it each and every day. I loved my coworkers and I loved … Continue reading