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Help your nonprofit by including SnapChat in your social media mix

Improve Your Organization’s Mobile Strategy in a Snap

Third Sector Today’s Sarah Daxton recently wrote on why you should integrate SnapChat into your social media and mobile strategy, but have you actually thought about what you might do with it? While SnapChat is incredibly popular with the younger generations, I’m not gonna lie, I’ve got a pretty long list of Millennial friends on my … Continue reading

No Fire Policy for Your Nonprofit

Is a No Fire Policy Right for Your Nonprofit?

We Are Family: Adopting a No Fire Policy Consider how your organization would change if no one was ever fired. Adopting a “No Fire Policy”  has increased employee performance and drastically decreased turnover rates in the corporate world. So, are there benefits for the nonprofit sector? Next Jump, a company providing internet-based rewards and loyalty … Continue reading

Makers schedule managers schedule

State of the Sector and What to Do

Are nonprofits and communities in need being left behind by the US economic recovery? Leaders from more than 5,000 nonprofits in the US indicated they think so, according the Nonprofit Finance Fund’s 2014 State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey, where you can filter data along varied criteria, including geography, audiences served, and more. While 80% … Continue reading

Employee Retention at Nonprofits

5 Employee Retention Tips to Avoid a Breakup

“It’s Not You, It’s Me”  Watching a great employee walk out the door on to another job is hard. Employee turnover rates seem a consistent trend among both nonprofit and business sectors as technology and culture rapidly evolve. What to do? Keep that spark alive between your nonprofit and its employees. When Dan Schwabel of … Continue reading

checklist of tips before start up of a charitable organization

Starting a Charitable Organization

Startups Nonprofit-Style Many of my friends have recently left the comfort of government and corporate jobs to take a chance with a startup company. In fact, last year, I did the same thing. It’s the type of risk that our parents shudder to think about and it’s something that a lot of people further in … Continue reading

World Giving Index

World Giving Index 2013

Came across a recent infographic from Charities Aid Foundation. Despite a few categorical issues (Oceana and Americans are regions, not continents) there are still some really interesting findings and trends. What are some of your thoughts and take aways?   Infographic brought to you by the Charities Aid Foundation, a bank for charities and not-for-profit … Continue reading


How Nonprofits Take Advantage of Matching Gifts

One of the largest sources of untapped funding for nonprofit organizations comes from corporate philanthropic programs. These include matching gift programs, in which corporations match employee donations, usually dollar for dollar, to eligible nonprofit organizations. About 65% of Fortune 500 companies offer a program like this, as well as countless other corporations, so the chances … Continue reading

Top Nonprofit Blogs

[Update] Top 150 Nonprofit Blogs

There are hundreds of nonprofit related blogs out there, so we decided to aid others in the efforts of locating the best nonprofit blogs. We compiled data on around 350 blogs and ranked them based on an equation taking into account metrics concerning traffic, search authority, and social following. View the Top 150 Nonprofit Blogs … Continue reading