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career success checklist

6 Steps to Fuel Your Success

If you are not in a peaceful place with your own career, then every accomplished person may seem out of your reach. Take stock of the successful people in your office, on your social media newsfeeds, and living on your street.   Even though everyone’s definition of success is different and everyone’s journey towards success is … Continue reading

using infographics

3 Things to Know About Infographics

  In an age where we are all inundated with more information than we can possibly process, you should search for more creative ways to reach your target audience. Use Infographics to tell your story and deliver your message effectively.   In Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Infographics, Anne Handley says that your … Continue reading

8 tools for organizing volunteer programs

8 Tools for Organizing Volunteer Programs

Does your organization have great upcoming events but lack the volunteers needed? Or do you have the volunteers but need the most efficient tools for keeping everyone up-to-date? There are thousands of tools organizations can use to gain and manage their volunteers. Here are 8 popular tools for organizing your volunteer needs. Google Docs is … Continue reading

Google for Nonprofits

The Google Advantage for Nonprofits

It’s free for nonprofits. Got your attention?   Google has offered some of its services to nonprofit organizations free of charge since 2007. Over the past couple of years, they have opened up a much wider selection of software and services to any qualifying 501(c)(3). Here’s everything Google for Nonprofits can do to aid your … Continue reading


9 Awesome Blogging Tools

Blogging can be a fun and effective way to engage with your donors, volunteers, and community while bolstering your social media presence. The content you create helps further your message and raise awareness of your efforts online and in the real world. But is content creation, alone, enough? To truly take advantage of blogging’s potential, … Continue reading

engaging online with other professionals

Engaging With Professionals Online

  Let’s Get Professional   When you’re surrounded by people who are motivated by the same things you are, conversations are filled with passion, knowledge, and new ideas. One of the reasons we started covering events around the country is to help bring new ideas to you, but also to help invigorate our writers and … Continue reading

nonprofit research resources

10 Great Nonprofit Research Resources

  The quality of research and data is important for today’s nonprofits. From gaining useful information to using research in daily operations, great resources can help improve your organization.   The Council of Nonprofits provides Research, Reports, and Data on the Nonprofit Sector, a list of resources for individuals in the sector.   10 Great … Continue reading

planned giving's role in your development strategy

Planned Giving’s Role in Your Development Strategy

Planned giving, according to Giving USA, was up 7.2% (to $27.73 billion) in 2013. So, if your nonprofit doesn’t have a planned giving program, start one. It’s a smart and easy way to secure your organization’s growth and financial stability. Regardless of the size, mission, or budget of your organization, planned giving should be a … Continue reading

fundraising research

Nonprofit Research on Fundraising

The Nonprofit Research Collaborative has announced that it has opened a very important study on fundraising! This will look at the little-studied topic of the relationship between the CEO (or ED) and the head of development. It will examine relationship aspects (trust, communication, respect) that are associated with raising more funds. The study also asks about the success of various fundraising … Continue reading