Does Your Nonprofit Need a Website Revamp? How to Tell


Your nonprofit’s website is the center of your communications strategy. It’s a key tool for boosting engagement, donations, and awareness of your organization in your community. When you use a multi-channel marketing approach, you probably rely on other promotion channels like email, social media, and digital ads to point supporters back to various landing pages on your website. Keeping your website up-to-date and modern is essential to engage your audience and ensure they have everything they need to get involved. Therefore, it’s important to evaluate your site regularly and determine how you can take it to the next level. To [...]

Does Your Nonprofit Need a Website Revamp? How to Tell2023-08-21T17:26:15-04:00

Your Nonprofit Logo is a Spark, Not the Flame


Remember these words: Your nonprofit's logo is not your story. If you Google “nonprofit logos,” you’ll see some common themes. Hands. Globes. Holding hands around a globe. Hearts. I get how this happened. Many nonprofit leaders really want to take every opportunity to help you understand that they are helping people. They want that to be clear. They want to use every tool, including their logo, to tell their story. In my experience working with nonprofit clients, I’ve learned how much people want to be able to have one icon or image that shows the whole who, what, why all [...]

Your Nonprofit Logo is a Spark, Not the Flame2023-05-18T23:50:28-04:00
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