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Nonprofit Budgeting Basics for Fraternities & Sororities


No matter your chapter’s size or focus, a crucial part of achieving your chapter’s goals is having an effective budget. That being said, your budget’s contents and structure will be different than other sororities’ and fraternities’ budgets. In fact, it might even differ from chapters of your organization at other schools with similar fundraising programs. As the foundation of the chapter’s activities and the indicator of your performance, your budget is one of the most important documents in your chapter. Thus, there’s very little room for error when creating and using it. Drafting your budget can feel daunting and confusing, but [...]

Nonprofit Budgeting Basics for Fraternities & Sororities2022-12-16T17:17:35-05:00

Rebranding for Nonprofits: 4 Essential Considerations


For for-profit businesses and nonprofits alike, branding acts as the first interaction between an organization and their audience. An organization’s brand tells readers how they should perceive them, and good branding is the gateway to all future communication with audiences.  For nonprofits, branding is especially important. A nonprofit’s brand represents your mission, so it needs to tell your story intentionally and effectively. If you think your brand is no longer communicating your organization’s message in the best way possible, it might be time for a rebrand. Nonprofits rebrand for a wide variety of reasons, from revising their overall fundraising strategy to [...]

Rebranding for Nonprofits: 4 Essential Considerations2022-11-30T17:06:52-05:00

Diversifying Your Revenue: 3 Effective Ideas for Nonprofits


Picture this: as the new year begins, you review your nonprofit’s year-end donation revenue and realize you’ve fallen short of your projected fundraising goals. As fundraising reports have shown, end-of-year donations can account for up to 22% of a nonprofit's total annual fundraising, meaning potential shortfalls can have impacts on your programs for the rest of the year. Situations like this can happen, especially if unexpected circumstances arise. Fortunately, your nonprofit can mitigate situations like this by diversifying its revenue with a variety of fundraising sources outside of just donations.  Of course, acquiring donors and cultivating donations will continue to be [...]

Diversifying Your Revenue: 3 Effective Ideas for Nonprofits2022-11-03T15:43:45-04:00

Improving Donor Stewardship During a Crisis in 3 Steps


While a crisis may not seem like the best time to adapt your nonprofit fundraising strategy to focus on donor stewardship, a difficult time presents a unique opportunity for nonprofits. In fact, it’s not only a good time to work on donor stewardship, but it’s actually crucial that you focus on supporter relationships during tough times. This guide will help you bolster your connection with your donors in three steps for improving donor stewardship during any crisis. 1. Improve donor communication More than ever, donors need to know that your relationship is genuine. Now is the time to level up your communications to [...]

Improving Donor Stewardship During a Crisis in 3 Steps2022-11-03T15:42:52-04:00

5 Most Important Nonprofit Investment Statistics in 2022


As a nonprofit, your attention is likely focused on doing everything you can to serve your beneficiaries’ needs. Unfortunately, that often means that finances fall to the wayside, putting your altruistic efforts in jeopardy. Approximately 38% of nonprofit organizations are at risk of shutting their doors due to pandemic-related financial strain. As a result, it is crucial not only that you invest your operating and capital reserve funds, but also that you stay abreast of current investment and fundraising trends. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of current statistics relevant to nonprofit investing to help guide you through the process. [...]

5 Most Important Nonprofit Investment Statistics in 20222022-10-25T15:52:15-04:00

HR Audits at Nonprofit Organizations: Getting Started


Tackling an HR Audit may not be at the top of your priorities list, but such initiatives offer significant benefits to you in managing your business operations and organizational success, not to mention the value of ensuring legal compliance.   This blog covers the following topics: Why Conduct an HR Audit Choosing the Best Professional to Lead Your Audit Basics of Conducting an HR Audit Audit Triggering Events After reviewing this information, you will be better situated to embark on your own comprehensive review.  Why Conduct an HR Audit RealHR Solutions defines HR Audits as an in-depth review of your organization’s people [...]

HR Audits at Nonprofit Organizations: Getting Started2022-10-03T11:09:44-04:00

4 DIY Fundraising Ideas to Share With Your Volunteers


More and more nonprofits are implementing DIY (do-it-yourself) fundraising in their yearly fundraising strategy–and for good reason! DIY fundraising offers your nonprofit a more hands-off approach and gives the reins to your most loyal supporters. In turn, your supporters can create an engaging, creative campaign that pulls in more support for your nonprofit! This style of peer-to-peer fundraising can boost your organization’s revenue, expand your reach, and help your supporters feel more connected to your organization. According to the 2022 Giving Experience Study, social giving–which includes DIY and peer-to-peer fundraising– continues to grow. 1 in 3 US adults said they [...]

4 DIY Fundraising Ideas to Share With Your Volunteers2022-11-03T15:42:27-04:00

Capital Campaigns 101: What are Feasibility Studies?


Big investments should be approached carefully. Most people wouldn’t buy a new house or car sight unseen. The same is true for your nonprofit as it weighs a major fundraising campaign.  Capital campaigns represent significant investments of your organization’s time, resources, and energy. If all goes according to plan, you’ll reap the benefits of raising funding for a major capacity-building initiative, expanding your fundraising capacity, and teaching your team valuable fundraising and stewardship lessons along the way.  So, how should you begin carefully approaching this kind of major investment? With plenty of planning and a feasibility study. What are feasibility studies? [...]

Capital Campaigns 101: What are Feasibility Studies?2022-09-26T16:03:54-04:00

How Branded Donations Pages Differentiate Your Nonprofit


Donors who reach your donation page are at a critical point in their engagement. Your donation page’s content and presentation impact whether visitors give, how much they contribute, and whether they’ll donate again. One key way to capture donations and leave a lasting impression is through your brand identity. This is what sets you apart from other nonprofits and proves that your organization is worthy of donors’ support.  The best nonprofit websites incorporate a strong branding strategy in their donation page design. A well-crafted donation page can help in the following ways:  Reinforce your nonprofit’s mission and values. Expand your reach. [...]

How Branded Donations Pages Differentiate Your Nonprofit2022-09-20T13:16:50-04:00

Donor Qualification: Understanding the Essentials


Imagine your nonprofit is conducting prospect research and finds a promising potential major donor. Based on factors like wealth indicators and past giving behaviors to other organizations, you assume they’d be a perfect match and expect you could successfully build a relationship with them to eventually solicit a large donation.  However, after investing your development team’s time and effort into researching the donor, meeting them, and inviting them to events, you find that they actually aren’t interested in contributing a major gift because their philanthropic priorities lie elsewhere. This scenario is an example of what can happen if nonprofits don’t [...]

Donor Qualification: Understanding the Essentials2022-09-16T12:40:52-04:00
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