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How to Plan a Successful Product Fundraiser in 4 Easy Steps


As a nonprofit professional, you’re likely familiar with the search for fundraising ideas. Maybe you’re hoping to boost participation in a virtual event or attract new donors to an in-person fundraiser. You might ask volunteers for suggestions or reuse previously successful fundraisers. If your brainstorming sessions spur ideas about product fundraisers, you’re on the right track! Product fundraisers, which raise money for organizations through product sales, are an advantageous fundraising strategy because of their simplistic setup. However, just like planning a large capital campaign or a charity gala, nonprofits still must thoroughly plan these fundraisers to get the best results from [...]

How to Plan a Successful Product Fundraiser in 4 Easy Steps2023-05-31T12:07:12-04:00

Celebrate Generosity: Honoring Capital Campaign Major Givers


Capital campaigns are major undertakings that will require investment and involvement from your nonprofit’s entire community. In particular, your organization’s major givers will play a pivotal role in the success of these large-scale projects. Not only will major givers provide significant financial support to your campaign, but they can also offer their expertise and guidance during the planning process and act as ambassadors for your cause, inspiring others to give. Clearly, your major givers will be instrumental in helping your organization achieve its capital campaign goals. So, to ensure that they feel appreciated and seen for all they do for your campaign, you [...]

Celebrate Generosity: Honoring Capital Campaign Major Givers2023-05-24T14:14:20-04:00

Association Event Planning: 5 Steps to Meaningful Events


Hosting memorable events at your association can help create an excellent, enriching experience for members. An event, whether it’s a large conference or a fun, culture-building auction fundraiser, gives your members the opportunity to network, build a close community, celebrate and recognize one another’s achievements, and develop professionally. In recent years, more and more associations have been adding virtual events to their agenda—and for a good reason. Virtual events provide many of the same benefits as traditional in-person events, all while allowing members and attendees to meet together regardless of their location. Hybrid events combine the best of both worlds, enabling members [...]

Association Event Planning: 5 Steps to Meaningful Events2023-05-05T08:35:29-04:00

5 Nonprofit Auction Item Ideas That Appeal to Younger Donors


Younger generations of supporters are essential to your nonprofit’s future. Millennials (born between 1981-1996) and Generation Z (born between 1997-2012) are major audiences for nonprofits looking for dedicated donors and volunteers, as they tend to be socially conscious and want to create positive change by supporting causes that align with their values. To make a strong impression on these supporter segments, consider how you can appeal specifically to younger generations through your nonprofit’s events. For example, auctions are a popular and lucrative fundraising event for many nonprofits, and the event’s success depends heavily on the items available to bid on. Whether you host [...]

5 Nonprofit Auction Item Ideas That Appeal to Younger Donors2023-05-09T16:16:53-04:00

Capture Donors’ Attention: 4 Direct Mail Fundraising Tips


Direct mail fundraising is an impactful tool that your nonprofit can use to connect with donors of all ages. While there is a misconception that direct mail isn’t as effective as fast-paced digital marketing, this form of fundraising can uniquely motivate donors to take action and help you reach your nonprofit’s goals. Specifically, direct mail adds a personal touch because it provides donors with a tangible message—something that can feel more meaningful than a simple social media post. As an organization with experience in the world of direct mail fundraising, you’re probably familiar with the reality of working to stand out in [...]

Capture Donors’ Attention: 4 Direct Mail Fundraising Tips2023-05-18T23:37:05-04:00

Share Your Mission: Empowering Your Nonprofit’s Storytellers


What draws people to your nonprofit, inspires action, and rallies support? The stories you tell. Storytelling is how humans connect, build relationships, learn, and share. Storytelling is how people know who you are. It’s part of branding, but even more, it’s part of developing strong connections with supporters and your community. Nonprofit storytelling is a crucial part of both fundraising and marketing your organization, but it extends beyond the development or marketing departments. From program staff to volunteers, from board members to media contacts, your community is full of people telling your stories. But how do you empower them to be the best [...]

Share Your Mission: Empowering Your Nonprofit’s Storytellers2023-04-13T11:32:13-04:00

Hosting Engaging Virtual Events: How to Boost Participation


It’s no secret that virtual events can sometimes be a double-edged sword. On one hand, they present great opportunities for interfacing with your nonprofit’s supporters, and growing your community in a convenient, cost-effective way. But, on the other hand, they can sometimes lack the excitement, connection, and fun that in-person events offer. So, what can your nonprofit do to make sure you’re hosting engaging virtual events? In this short guide, we’ll walk you through a few strategies that will help you boost participation at your next virtual event, and make it more memorable: Invest in the right tools for virtual events. Try an [...]

Hosting Engaging Virtual Events: How to Boost Participation2023-04-07T18:25:42-04:00

Understanding Nonprofit Membership Models: Quick Guide


Looking to structure the way you collect dues and give your members their perks and benefits? Then it’s time to start looking into the best options for nonprofit membership models! Choosing the right membership model is key to delivering all the perks of your membership program. Plus, it helps you bring in a steady stream of revenue for your organization. In order to figure out which model is best for you, you’re going to want to dive into your membership program’s goals. Let’s explore a few different nonprofit membership models, along with what types of organizations they work best for and [...]

Understanding Nonprofit Membership Models: Quick Guide2023-03-15T11:26:40-04:00

4 Surefire Strategies for Effective Major Donor Fundraising


There are many ways your nonprofit can raise money for its cause, from launching peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns and hosting events to asking local businesses to sponsor your work. But one of the greatest sources of nonprofit revenue is major gifts, which are the largest individual contributions your organization receives. In fact, nonprofits typically find that 80% of their revenue comes from just 20% of their donors—their major donors! Of course, what constitutes a major gift will vary based on the size and scope of each individual organization, but the importance of these gifts is the same across the board. Without major gifts, you wouldn’t [...]

4 Surefire Strategies for Effective Major Donor Fundraising2023-03-03T13:57:15-05:00

501(c)(3) Checklist: Preparing for Nonprofit Status


If you’re looking into starting a nonprofit, you’re likely passionate about a particular cause. You have a plan to solve an issue or help a group of people and you want to take action to make a difference. You know that your first step is creating a nonprofit and you start by establishing a brand, building a website, and getting the word out. Filing IRS documents might be the last thing you think to do in the startup phase, but the legal and accounting aspects of your organization are crucial from the very beginning. Follow these four steps to gain a [...]

501(c)(3) Checklist: Preparing for Nonprofit Status2023-02-27T08:39:54-05:00
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