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Capital Campaigns 101: What are Feasibility Studies?


Big investments should be approached carefully. Most people wouldn’t buy a new house or car sight unseen. The same is true for your nonprofit as it weighs a major fundraising campaign.  Capital campaigns represent significant investments of your organization’s time, resources, and energy. If all goes according to plan, you’ll reap the benefits of raising funding for a major capacity-building initiative, expanding your fundraising capacity, and teaching your team valuable fundraising and stewardship lessons along the way.  So, how should you begin carefully approaching this kind of major investment? With plenty of planning and a feasibility study. What are feasibility studies? [...]

Capital Campaigns 101: What are Feasibility Studies?2022-09-26T16:03:54-04:00

How Branded Donations Pages Differentiate Your Nonprofit


Donors who reach your donation page are at a critical point in their engagement. Your donation page’s content and presentation impact whether visitors give, how much they contribute, and whether they’ll donate again. One key way to capture donations and leave a lasting impression is through your brand identity. This is what sets you apart from other nonprofits and proves that your organization is worthy of donors’ support.  The best nonprofit websites incorporate a strong branding strategy in their donation page design. A well-crafted donation page can help in the following ways:  Reinforce your nonprofit’s mission and values. Expand your reach. [...]

How Branded Donations Pages Differentiate Your Nonprofit2022-09-20T13:16:50-04:00

Donor Qualification: Understanding the Essentials


Imagine your nonprofit is conducting prospect research and finds a promising potential major donor. Based on factors like wealth indicators and past giving behaviors to other organizations, you assume they’d be a perfect match and expect you could successfully build a relationship with them to eventually solicit a large donation.  However, after investing your development team’s time and effort into researching the donor, meeting them, and inviting them to events, you find that they actually aren’t interested in contributing a major gift because their philanthropic priorities lie elsewhere. This scenario is an example of what can happen if nonprofits don’t [...]

Donor Qualification: Understanding the Essentials2022-09-16T12:40:52-04:00

Setting the Right Goals for Your Campaign: Post-Covid Tips


“Help us figure out how much money can we raise. And we’ll decide on the scope of our project.” Consultants in the capital campaign business often get that request from nonprofits. Before deciding on a project, they want to know how much money they can raise. To be fair, it makes some sense. Perhaps when you were a kid, you saved your change in a piggy bank. When the bank was full, you broke it open, counted your money, and went to the store to spend it. But when it comes to capital campaign fundraising, that approach is badly flawed! Some [...]

Setting the Right Goals for Your Campaign: Post-Covid Tips2022-09-12T16:03:12-04:00

10 Internal Controls for Safe Nonprofit Finances


Nonprofit accounting is unique when compared to for-profit accounting. This is primarily because nonprofits agree to reinvest all of their revenue back into the mission at hand in exchange for tax-exempt status. This means nonprofits need to be a lot more transparent about their finances in order to ensure accountability to their generous donors. Due to this transparency and the need to be accountable to donors, nonprofits carefully implement internal controls designed to keep finances safe and prevent misuse. Internal controls are policies and decisions made to prevent the misappropriation of nonprofit funds. In this guide, we’ll dive into ten common [...]

10 Internal Controls for Safe Nonprofit Finances2022-08-24T10:57:05-04:00

Compliance Essentials: 4 Things for New Nonprofits to Know


Fundraising is a core component of any nonprofit. It enables you to cultivate a community, work toward your cause, and create new mission initiatives. Picture this: you’ve gathered your resources and supporters into the beginning stages of a nonprofit organization. You’re all fired up, and inspired to start fundraising for your organization’s cause. But how do you get started with nonprofit compliance laws? Don’t let the complexities of government nonprofit compliance requirements hold you back from embarking on your nonprofit’s fundraising journey! Although this is not an exhaustive list, this article can serve as a guide for what to look out for [...]

Compliance Essentials: 4 Things for New Nonprofits to Know2022-08-29T17:29:21-04:00

11 Nonprofit Graphic Design Tips to Help You Stand Out


What is Nonprofit Graphic Design? Every nonprofit, from the Gates Foundation to a startup organization that operates out of a garage, has a story. This story is the most powerful tool you have in your arsenal to get people to support your cause. Since the advent of the digital age, virtual communication has become nonnegotiable for pandemic-era fundraising and connecting with donors. This is where graphic design enters the picture. Many nonprofits have innovated their brand identity through graphic design. Images are powerful because they can communicate what words cannot. They can not only fortify your brand identity, but they can [...]

11 Nonprofit Graphic Design Tips to Help You Stand Out2022-08-30T11:31:11-04:00

Donation Form Abandonment: How to Recapture Your Donors


Donation form abandonment happens when your nonprofit supporters navigate to your donation page and start filling it out, but end up navigating away from the page before the contribution is complete. Abandonment doesn’t necessarily mean the supporter had a change of heart. They may have been distracted by a phone call, lost internet connection, or realized they were late for a meeting. No matter their reasoning for abandoning the cart, they haven’t completed the gift, which means your organization doesn’t receive those valuable funds as a part of your online fundraising revenue. However, if you’re able to recapture these donors, [...]

Donation Form Abandonment: How to Recapture Your Donors2022-08-29T17:49:50-04:00

4 Quick Tips to Remember When Planning an Advocacy Campaign


If you’ve ever led an advocacy campaign, you know that it has an incredible number of moving pieces. As you quickly grow and engage your audience, it can be easy to lose track of your campaign plan. That’s why planning is the most important stage in your advocacy campaign. It’s what determines your chances of success or failure. By following these suggestions during your planning process, you’ll be better prepared to drive awareness and make meaningful change at a local, national, or global level: Set clear campaign goals and identify a timeline. Rely on established relationships. Use the Internet to [...]

4 Quick Tips to Remember When Planning an Advocacy Campaign2022-08-30T11:34:29-04:00

Does Your Nonprofit Need a Website Revamp? How to Tell


Your nonprofit’s website is the center of your communication and marketing strategy. It’s what you use to drive engagement, donations, and awareness of your organization. When you use a multi-channel approach to marketing, you probably point your audience back to specific landing pages on your website. If your site is out of date, you’re missing out on valuable support from your visitors. Keeping your website up-to-date and modern is essential to engage your audience and ensure they have everything they need to get involved with your mission. Examining the best nonprofit websites out there may give you an idea about [...]

Does Your Nonprofit Need a Website Revamp? How to Tell2022-08-29T17:34:09-04:00
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