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Effective Communication to Connect With Donors: 3 Tips

The average person sees around 10,000 advertisements each day. These include Google Ads they see every time they search a query, marketing emails that populate their inboxes, and ads that appear on their social media feeds. Your school is competing against all these ads for your donors’ attention. While the first piece of a successful school fundraiser is choosing engaging fundraising ideas for kids, the rest depends on how well you engage supporters and inspire them [...]

How to Use Prospect Research Data for Fundraising: 4 Steps

Insights gathered through the prospect research process can transform your fundraising efforts and help you create a powerful, data-driven major gift fundraising strategy—but doing the research is only the beginning. After you’ve collected data about your prospects, the next step is to apply that data. You know that information about prospects’ financial capacity, affinity for your cause, and established giving habits is valuable, but how exactly does it play into [...]

Major Gift Fundraising: Improve Your Strategy with Tech

According to the 80/20 rule in fundraising, a small number of donors (typically around 20%) will provide the majority of your fundraising dollars (around 80%). These contributions are referred to as major gifts. What constitutes a major gift will be different for every nonprofit. For one organization, a major gift may be $5,000. For another, the major gift threshold may be $20,000. Whatever the specifics look like for your organization, [...]

5 Steps to Master the Charity Auction Check-in Process

When it comes to planning a successful fundraising event, you need to factor in the entire attendee experience—from ticket purchase to post-event follow-up. If your nonprofit is planning to host a charity auction, it’s important to have an easy, streamlined check-in to make a strong impression on your guests. Your guests should feel confident that you are ready to present them with an unforgettable evening. In this guide, we’ll walk through [...]

Improve Your Org’s Professional Development Program: 4 Tips

If fulfilling your mission and being identified as an employer of choice are priorities for your nonprofit, invest in employee professional development. On the organizational level, you will build a skilled workforce prepared to meet your constituents’ evolving needs, and on an individual level, employees will feel engaged, valued, and committed to your cause. This guide outlines four tips for nonprofits of all sizes and levels of sophistication to improve [...]

Creating Meaningful Online Donor Experiences: 5 Strategies

The average internet user spends nearly seven hours online every day. Between keeping up with global news and connecting with loved ones on social media, your donors have countless reasons to be online. Considering the amount of time they spend on their devices, your nonprofit can tap into many opportunities to bring donors closer to your mission. In this guide, we’ll share five strategies for developing meaningful online donor experiences, including: Improve [...]

3 Tips for Engaging Your Community as a Small Business

Americans are loyal supporters of small businesses. In fact, 57% of consumers say that they are willing to pay more to support local businesses. 81% say that they want to shop at more local businesses but grapple with overcoming the convenience of large retailers. To encourage more traffic from local customers, your small business should build connections and deep relationships within its community. For example, giving back through philanthropic initiatives shows that you care [...]

Planning a Grassroots Advocacy Campaign for Your Nonprofit

To further your nonprofit’s mission, sometimes you need to take direct action. Whether that means creating a public petition or hosting a rally to draw attention to your cause, your supporters will play a vital role in the success of your chosen advocacy efforts. That’s why many organizations choose to launch grassroots campaigns — advocacy initiatives designed to encourage large numbers of supporters at the local level to advocate for change. This article [...]

What Nonprofits Need to Know About Event Management Software

Imagine seamlessly organizing a gala, charity run, or community fundraiser with a tool that simplifies your workflow and maximizes impact. This is the power of event management software for nonprofits. With this software, you can turn complex logistics into smooth, well-executed events that exceed your organization's goals. In this article, we’ll discuss how to utilize event management software, its benefits, and how to choose one to ensure every event is a [...]

How to Choose the Right Grant Writing Course for Your Goals

Many nonprofit professionals first interact with grants by helping write a grant proposal. If you’re tossed into a grant writing project with no guidance or training (just the task of securing crucial dollars for your mission), what should you do? First, remember that you’re not alone! Grant writing is a fairly universal, shared activity among nonprofits. There are tons of resources and experts out there willing to share their insights [...]


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