A nonprofit’s brand is forged by many factors, including colors, consistent design elements, slogans, and other language choices. Among these elements, your logo is not only one of your most important brand assets, but also a representation of your entire organization. 

A strong logo design helps your nonprofit stand out from the crowd, while also informing supporters about your nonprofit’s mission, values, and brand. To inspire your own logo creation process, we’ve assembled over 60 of the best nonprofit logos around. 

While each logo is unique, most of these logos are so inspiring because they have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Distinctive
  • Memorable
  • Timeless
  • Scalable
  • Simple enough for use with multiple mediums
  • Adaptable (color and black and white)
  • Communicates qualities of the brand

Our list of the best nonprofit logos has been divided into seven categories based on each nonprofit’s focus. Feel free to explore the entire list to see how strong designs remain consistent across a variety of fields, or jump straight to your sector to see how nonprofits with missions similar to yours represent themselves.

Let’s get started!

Designing Your Nonprofit Logo

Logos are designed to be easily understood. However, don’t confuse this with thinking there isn’t much to them. The anatomy of an effective logo is much more complex than it might initially appear.

Before diving into specific nonprofit logo examples, understand that each component plays an important role in the overall composition of your logo. Some common elements you’ll want to consider when designing yours include:

  • Wordmark: This is the part of the logo that displays the brand name. Considering that it explicitly identifies the brand, you’ll want to make sure it’s stylistic while also legible.
  • Tagline: Usually paired with the wordmark, the tagline (AKA slogan) provides more information about the brand. Ideally, ensure your tagline contrasts with the wordmark by using smaller or more condensed typography.
  • Frame: This optional nonprofit logo element encloses the design with decorative lines. It can be as simple as a stamp shape or black lines that form a box. The idea of a frame is to give your logo a definite shape.
  • Colors: People naturally associate certain colors with certain emotions and meanings. For example, many disaster relief and health organizations use red to create a sense of urgency or symbolize health. Many environmental organizations use green since it’s associated with the Earth and growth. Choose colors that communicate your mission.

As you look through the examples in this article, pick out these different components and write down what you like and dislike about the different designs. That way, you can communicate the look you’re envisioning to your graphic designer.

If you don’t have a graphic designer on staff, consider turning to a professional one. Especially when you choose ones that specialize in mission-driven design, you can rest assured that you’ll wind up with a timeless logo that encapsulates your cause.

We recommend Kwala! They offer unlimited revisions, meaning they’ll keep designing until you have the perfect nonprofit logo. Here’s an example of their work in action:

Kwala designed this nonprofit logo for the Wildlife Rescue Group.

With plenty of experience in the space, they know how to create designs that supporters will instantly associate with your organization. If you’re considering outsourcing your nonprofit logo design to an expert, reach out to Kwala to chat about your graphic design needs.

Best Nonprofit Logos from Medical Organizations 

Medical organizations’ brand identities need to thread the needle between unquestionable professionalism and a sense of warmth and care. To balance these two equally important characteristics, many medical organizations use logos that represent their organization abstractly.

However, these artistic representations are anything but random. Complemented by a wide range of comforting and uplifting colors, these designs aim to create a sense of hope in their iconography without resorting to simplistic, childish markers of positivity, thus striking a balance between comfort and unquestionable expertise. 

Best Nonprofit Logos from Arts and Culture Organizations 

The phrase “arts and culture” might call to mind bold, almost over-the-top imagery. In reality, most arts and culture organizations instead focus on subtle, artfully designed typography that let their organization’s name do the talking for them. 

These nonprofits show just how diverse typography can be. From deliberate applications of negative space and bold font to overlapping lettering, these nonprofits manage to convey their brand identity solely through how they present their organization’s name. To avoid distracting from the typography, many of them also stick to a limited palette of just one or two colors. 

Best Nonprofit Logos from Environmental and Animal Rights Organizations 

Environmental and animal rights organizations are at a slight advantage when it comes to iconography, though some of them still think outside the box and step away from straightforward imagery of animals and trees. 

Many environmental organizations stick to their strengths and use blues and greens to call nature imagery to mind. Others use a more simplistic but also bolder black and white color scheme, sometimes with touches of other colors to make them stand out all the more. However, whether they prioritize typography or imagery, nearly every organization tries to convey a sense of naturalism and urgency through their logo. 

Best Nonprofit Logos from Community and Economic Development Organizations

Nonprofits focused on helping their constituents start businesses, complete job training, or otherwise improve their economic standing need to be both professional and inspiring. Today, many of these organizations also focus on tech advancement, and some of them have subsequently put a technology-inspired twist on their logo. 

These organizations embrace bold colors, whether through sharp color contrast in their typography or by using multiple bright colors in one logo. Even simpler logos favor bright colors that give off the impression of change and progress, helping to put their constituents in the right state of mind from the moment they spot the organization’s logo.

Best Nonprofit Logos from Human Rights Groups

Many humanitarian groups are international organizations and thus need to be instantly recognizable with only limited typography. Subsequently, these organizations understand the importance of universal symbols and demonstrate a spectrum of ways to communicate togetherness, progress, and promises of vital resources. 

These logos also tend to veer towards simplicity in order to be easily reproducible and recognizable with minimal effort. Organizations operating all over the world will need to present their logo in a wide variety of contexts to reach an even wider range of audiences. 

Best Nonprofit Logos from Child Development and Youth Programs

Chances are that you’re already familiar with the iconic logos of decade-old organizations like the Boy and Girl Scouts. These logos have stood the test of time with their memorable—and in the case of the Girl Scouts—slightly enigmatic designs. 

Today’s youth development organizations have taken a page from the Boy and Girls while also putting their own modern spin on these designs. Many of these organizations stick to only one or two colors, but use bolder designs, whether in their typography, symbolism, or both.

Best Nonprofit Logos from Religious Organizations 

Religious organizations bring together their followers to support a good cause. These faith-based organizations strive to create elegant, simple logos that use typography and abstract designs to be instantly recognizable without being over the top or distracting. 

Bright colors might help some types of nonprofits stand out, but too bold of a design may feel antithetical to the grace and modesty religious and faith-based organizations bring to their mission-driven work. Instead, these logos embrace minimalism, creating a timeless feeling.


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