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Diversifying Your Revenue: 4 Effective Ideas for Nonprofits

Picture this: As the new year begins, you review your nonprofit’s year-end donation revenue and realize you’ve fallen short of your projected fundraising goals. As fundraising reports have shown, end-of-year donations can account for up to 22% of a nonprofit’s total annual fundraising, meaning potential shortfalls can impact your programs for the rest of the year. These situations can happen, especially if unexpected circumstances arise. Fortunately, your nonprofit can mitigate them [...]

Involving Corporate Volunteers in Fundraising: 3 Ideas

Picture this: your nonprofit is gearing up to run a capital campaign to construct a new building. This campaign will require a lot of funding, and you’ll need all hands on deck to steward strong donor relationships and solicit donations. While your staff and board members are up for the job, you quickly realize that you’ll need additional help to push your goals forward. This is where corporate volunteers can [...]

Investing in Sports Camp Software: The Top 3 Benefits

When it comes to managing a sports camp, sometimes it can be hard to keep everything running smoothly. Maybe you’re not getting as many signups as you want. Maybe you’re not connecting with as many athletes as you want to. Regardless of what the obstacle you’re facing is, it’s counterproductive to your sports camp’s goals. Some of the largest challenges for sports camps come from marketing, registration, and payment management. [...]

Cryptocurrency Donations are On the Rise: How to Tap In

Last year, donors gave over $200 million to nonprofits in cryptocurrency donations. Even as overall giving to nonprofits declined, the amount of crypto donations increased. If you’re looking for new ways to generate fundraising revenue for your cause, cryptocurrency’s rising popularity indicates that it could be an impactful avenue to explore. Entering the world of crypto for the first time may feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow these steps to [...]

4 Ways Fundraising Software Takes Teams to New Heights

Whether you’re a school sports coach, a member of a PTO or booster club, or the manager of a nonprofit sports organization, you understand just how vital fundraising is to keep your team going. If you already have a few campaigns under your belt, you may be wondering how to improve your outreach or communication methods to continue meeting revenue goals. On the other hand, if you’re just getting started, [...]

3 Best Practices for Organizing a Nonprofit Clothing Drive

Nonprofits help their beneficiaries in a variety of ways. However, to provide valuable assistance, nonprofits need readily available funds. A clothing drive presents a unique opportunity for some nonprofits to directly help their beneficiaries by collecting clothing for them. And for other nonprofits, a clothing drive is a unique and effective fundraiser. To help you get started hosting a nonprofit clothing drive, we’ll review these best practices: Create a thorough [...]

Key Markers of a Major Gifts Prospect & How to Leverage Them

Major gifts are the largest gifts your nonprofit receives. And no matter what a major gift looks like for your organization—whether that is $10,000 or $100,000—these large donations can do wonders for your nonprofit.  Specifically, major gifts make up a large part of your revenue and allow you to both strengthen your existing programs and services and increase your capacity to serve your beneficiaries, potentially through increasing your nonprofit's endowment.  [...]

3 Self-Care Tips for Hardworking Nonprofit Professionals

Nonprofit professionals work hard to push their organization’s missions forward, whether that’s through hosting events or creating marketing materials. However, because of all the hard work they do, they’re at higher risk of developing burnout at their jobs. That’s where self-care comes in—by taking care of your needs, you’ll be able to stay engaged and do right by your beneficiaries. This guide includes self-care tips nonprofit leaders can use to create a [...]

How to Harness Alumni Donor Data for Maximum Impact: 5 Ideas

Four years of college go by in the blink of an eye. It’s easy to engage students while they’re on your campus, but it’s more difficult to encourage alumni to stay involved once they’ve graduated. To keep alumni as strong supporters of your school community, you can’t rely on intuition alone. You need to back up your alumni engagement decisions using your donor database. In this article, we’ll go over our [...]


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