Pop Culture and Your Nonprofit


with a Star Wars tie in on premier day? How about those clever groups that had #Throwbackthursday content queued up with a shout out to “Back to the Future Day” on October 21, 2015? Or, my personal favorite, an email fundraising campaign on paid family leave just in time for the birth of Princess Kate’s second little one. The nonprofits I am thinking of are doing a great job paying attention to pop culture and using it to influence their social media strategy and content calendar in a timely way. On this month’s episode of the Top NonProfits podcast, I’m [...]

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Your Content Calendar + Google Drive


This month’s Top Non-Profits podcast is all about Google Drive. We discuss how to leverage the powerful tools found within Google’s cloud based suite of tools (including Google spreadsheet, document and calendar) to make your organization’s content strategy shine. For starters, we dig deep into the spreadsheet tool. This is an obvious choice to build a content calendar… you know, dates in Column A and channels/topics in Row 1. But there is so. much. more. Check out this template from Bluewire media (it is formatted for 2015 but you get the idea). But the Google Drive spreadsheet tool goodness doesn’t [...]

Your Content Calendar + Google Drive2021-08-16T17:57:32-04:00

Giving Tuesday: Why It’s Only Mediumly Important


This post was originally published on Third Sector Today, which has since merged with TopNonprofits. Controversial, I know. Let’s start with the basics: #GivingTuesday is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  It is a great way to include nonprofit giving in the post Thanksgiving consumerist rush. This year, it falls on November 29, 2016. #GivingTuesday is an important part of any nonprofit’s end of year fundraising strategy…  but it is not the centerpiece for one main reason: everyone else is doing it, too. Nonprofit organizations are competing for inbox and newsfeed space with the majority of all other [...]

Giving Tuesday: Why It’s Only Mediumly Important2021-08-13T15:37:00-04:00

Best Practices for Nonprofit Storytelling


Believe it or not, but the pressure on you to report on your nonprofit organization’s impact may actually be keeping you from getting more people to get involved. Reporting numbers is not the same as storytelling. It is great storytelling that gets people to care about your organization… and fund it. So, close out those spreadsheets for a few minutes and listen to this sage advice from two women who have spent their careers helping organizations grow and prosper. In this podcast, you’ll learn: WHY telling a story is important- the emotional aspect HOW to tell a story- [...]

Best Practices for Nonprofit Storytelling2021-08-13T15:09:42-04:00

Tips on How to Successfully Manage Millennials


Do you know how to manage intergenerational teams? Kishshana Palmer wants you to know that if you think you’re going to get (and keep!) great talent by using the same old approach you are sadly mistaken. She shared some of her best tips on how to successfully manage millennials in this episode of our podcast. Kishshana has worked in various roles– everything from fundraising to marketing/communications to policy–at nonprofit organizations. She knows that managing an intergenerational team isn’t something to just take a swing at without proper preparation. Each generation has its own style- and it’s important to [...]

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5 Minutes for Fundraising with Martin Leifeld


Amy: Hi, everybody, this is Amy DeVita and thanks for joining us today. I’m really excited to introduce you all to our friend Martin Leifeld. Martin, hello. Martin: Hello, Amy. So, good to be here with you today. Amy: Thank you, Martin. I’m glad you could be here too. Today we’re really going to be focusing on fundraising. Martin has a great book called Five Minutes for Fundraising, a collection of expert advice from gifted fundraisers, one of whom he happens to be and he’s going to share some of his best advice for all of us, realizing [...]

5 Minutes for Fundraising with Martin Leifeld2021-10-18T15:14:30-04:00

Facing Fear to Optimize Your Nonprofit Organization


The COVID-19 Crisis has pushed all of us into uncomfortable (if not worse) situations. In this interview, nonprofit expert Sherry Quam Taylor shares some practical advice on ways you can pivot conversations to optimize your fundraising, engagement, and organization. By Sherry Quam Taylor More Podcasts

Facing Fear to Optimize Your Nonprofit Organization2021-08-13T14:34:51-04:00

2016 Nonprofit Salary Survey Findings Released


For the past 15 years,  PNP Staffing Group has conducted a nonprofit salary survey of organizations in the New York City, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia metro areas.  The 2016 edition has just been released and includes findings that can be put to good use by both hiring organizations and job seekers. In the podcast below, Amy DeVita interviews PNP President and CEO, Gayle Brandel and its Director of Special Projects, Robert F. Duvall.  Take a listen and learn about the overall findings which are largely applicable across the country. You will learn about:The surveys were designed to help answer the [...]

2016 Nonprofit Salary Survey Findings Released2021-08-19T11:45:28-04:00

Attract Talent and Encourage Retention with a Strategic Compensation Plan


How can an organization create a compensation plan that will allow it to attract, retain, and motivate the talent necessary to carry out its mission?  Employee compensation is a significant portion of any business’s operating expense, but an effectively constructed compensation strategy can do just that. Many organizations may not realize the value of a good compensation plan or the impact it can have on performance. It’s not uncommon to think of compensation simply as a line-item expense and not as a strategic opportunity. With unemployment hovering around 4%, not-for-profit organizations need to think creatively about developing a compensation strategy [...]

Attract Talent and Encourage Retention with a Strategic Compensation Plan2021-08-27T09:35:41-04:00
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