Guy Kawasaki, recently wrote a great post about a book titled The Apple Experience. There is much that nonprofits can learn from one of the best retail environments out there.

What Nonprofits Can Learn From the Apple Store

Here is a quick summary of his points.

  1. Stop selling stuff – “Selling stuff” isn’t very inspiring, instead focus on how you can…
  2. Enrich lives – Focus on this and magical things happen
  3. Hire for smiles – People skills over technical skills
  4. Celebrate diversity – Hire people that reflect the diversity of your audience
  5. Unleash inner genius – Take the time to teach people something they never knew they could do and you’ll be rewarded with loyalty
  6. Empower employees – Place emphasis on a great customer experience, even if it takes time)
  7. Sell the benefit – Give people a glimpse of how it will improve life rather than touting “speeds and feeds”)
  8. Follow the steps of service – Warm custom greeting, probe politely, present solution, listen for unresolved issues, fond farewell & invitation to return
  9. Create multi sensory experience – Allow people to see, touch, and play with your product or service)
  10. Appeal to the [decision making] brain – Create clean, open and uncluttered environments

Most nonprofits aren’t focused on selling merchandise, but how could you apply these insights to improve the experiences of those you serve?