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Improve Your Org’s Professional Development Program: 4 Tips


If fulfilling your mission and being identified as an employer of choice are priorities for your nonprofit, invest in employee professional development. On the organizational level, you will build a skilled workforce prepared to meet your constituents’ evolving needs, and on an individual level, employees will feel engaged, valued, and committed to your cause. This guide outlines four tips for nonprofits of all sizes and levels of sophistication to improve their professional development programs. By following them, your organization will experience greater employee satisfaction and an enhanced bottom line. 1. Align individual and organizational goals. A key ingredient to success is [...]

Improve Your Org’s Professional Development Program: 4 Tips2024-04-16T09:53:52-04:00

How to Encourage Generosity Among Younger Generations


Nonprofits are frequently told to diversify their revenue by seeking additional funding streams. However, you can also make your fundraising more sustainable by diving deeply into your funding streams and strategically targeting different segments of your nonprofit’s supporter base. There are various ways nonprofits can group their supporters, such as by location, giving history, and interests. However, age is an often-overlooked donor characteristic, especially if they’re younger. In this guide, we’ll explain why nonprofits must promote generosity to younger generations. Then, we’ll dive into three ways you can do that at your nonprofit. With these tips, you’ll be well prepared to engage younger [...]

How to Encourage Generosity Among Younger Generations2024-01-17T08:36:21-05:00

5 Essential Elements for a Strong Nonprofit Website


Your website is one of the most important tools your nonprofit has at its disposal. It’s a marketing, fundraising, and educational resource all in one! However, not all nonprofits use their websites to their fullest potential. As a result, they may miss out on additional support that they could easily secure with simple fixes to their website. Make sure your website serves its purpose and provides value to your supporters. Whether you’re creating your nonprofit’s website from scratch or just revamping it, including the following nonprofit website elements will ensure your site is a complete and useful resource. 1. Mission Statement Your mission statement encapsulates [...]

5 Essential Elements for a Strong Nonprofit Website2023-12-12T16:06:43-05:00
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