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Best Practices for Nonprofit Storytelling


Believe it or not, but the pressure on you to report on your nonprofit organization’s impact may actually be keeping you from getting more people to get involved. Reporting numbers is not the same as storytelling. It is great storytelling that gets people to care about your organization… and fund it. So, close out those spreadsheets for a few minutes and listen to this sage advice from two women who have spent their careers helping organizations grow and prosper. In this podcast, you’ll learn: WHY telling a story is important- the emotional aspect HOW to tell a story- [...]

Best Practices for Nonprofit Storytelling2023-05-18T23:57:30-04:00

Building a Successful Recurring Giving Program Using Behavioral Economics


How nonprofits can leverage behavioral economics to move people toward monthly recurring giving Did you know that recurring donors can be up to 4x more valuable than one-time donors? Online retention rates for recurring donors are north of 85% with the average recurring donor giving 42% more over the course of a year than a one-time donors. The evidence is clear - a successful monthly giving program can create a sustainable and scalable funding stream for your nonprofit. But the strategy on how to implement a successful monthly giving program is still unclear. Our understanding of the engagement, conversion and [...]

Building a Successful Recurring Giving Program Using Behavioral Economics2023-05-18T23:57:22-04:00

Nonprofit To-Do List for the “New Normal”


Strategies to help manage and improve your organization's operations during COVID-19 COURSE COST: FREE Enroll In Course About Author Colleen Duerr Ms. Duerr is the President of Shifting Gears Consulting, an independent consulting firm that focuses on training, communications, writing, and sales/fundraising support for both for-profit and not-for-profit entities. She gained her experience in financial services as a Vice President with CoreStates Bank in Philadelphia, PA where she sold treasury management services to the large corporate market. She also served on many internal product development teams and conducted training sessions in the areas of Trade Show Management, Certified Cash [...]

Nonprofit To-Do List for the “New Normal”2023-05-18T23:57:22-04:00

Attract & Retain Talent With A Strategic Compensation Plan


How can your organization attract, retain, and motivate the talent necessary to carry out its mission? An effectively constructed compensation strategy can do just that. Many organizations may not realize the value of a good compensation plan or the impact it can have on performance. With unemployment hovering around 3.5%, nonprofits need to think creatively about developing a compensation strategy that can attract and retain key staff. What motivates staff? Money is important, but it’s not everything. That’s why it’s important to devise a holistic compensation strategy that goes beyond salary. Your plan should represent your organization’s values, inspire employees, and [...]

Attract & Retain Talent With A Strategic Compensation Plan2024-06-11T16:27:32-04:00

How to Use Video for Effective Nonprofit Marketing


You’ve heard it said many times: Nonprofits have great stories to tell! Story telling is the secret to better donor engagement. You know that there’s no better way to tell a story than through the use of video. This webinar explores the best ways to use video to tell your story and be an effective nonprofit marketing tool. But, the question remains: How? Video is just one element of a nonprofit marketing strategy, but can be incredibly effective if done the right way. Finally, some tips on HOW. An eye-opening look at how video can be used as an effective nonprofit [...]

How to Use Video for Effective Nonprofit Marketing2023-05-18T23:57:14-04:00

5 Ways to Make People Love Your Cause


What if I asked you to sell me a pen, how would you respond? Will you tell me about the pen? Would you tell me that each tip was hand polished to perfection for a smoother writing experience? Would you tell me about the millions around the world who use it as their go-to writing instrument? Or will you ask about me? Will you ask why I need a pen, how much it’s worth to me, what is important to me in a pen I own? If you chose the second set of questions, let’s get on with the rest [...]

5 Ways to Make People Love Your Cause2023-05-18T23:57:15-04:00

How to Create an Employee Handbook Your Team Will Want to Read


The Employee Handbook provides the basic employment information that every employee needs to know. When done right, the Employee Handbook is also part of your brand story, and has the power to reinforce the employee’s decision to work with your company. Employee handbooks are integral to your employee relations philosophy, essential to your employee communications, crucial to your development of an effective culture and work environment, and a key component to your strategic plan and accomplishment of your mission. The basic question that all nonprofits face is how to get there. Many questions and concerns come to mind: How do [...]

How to Create an Employee Handbook Your Team Will Want to Read2023-05-18T23:57:34-04:00

Be Ready for Disaster with an Emergency Relief Campaign


This post was originally published to DonorDrive’s Blog and is being shared with their permission. It’s said you can’t plan for a disaster. But really, you have to. It’s officially hurricane season and the nonprofits that have a plan in place are the ones most likely to get the donations when disaster strikes. In this article, we’ll focus on the basics that will make your emergency relief fundraising campaign thrive. Here’s our concise six-point plan: Set up a donation page immediately Explain the impact of the disaster and their donation Promote your campaign everywhere Update supporters constantly on disaster news and campaign [...]

Be Ready for Disaster with an Emergency Relief Campaign2023-05-18T23:57:08-04:00

Engaging Both In-person and Virtual Programs


Below is a recap of our ‘teeny conversation’ from May 11th, 2021. The recap is provided to allow our audience to learn from other nonprofit leaders. Changes are happening in 2021. We know in-person programming is slowly coming back and you need to bring back your audience members who have fallen quiet during the pandemic. But your virtual programming isn’t going away – not after all the amazing new connections you have made without the limits of physical location. How will you keep both audiences engaged? We will share ways we are planning for this dual path and discuss specific [...]

Engaging Both In-person and Virtual Programs2023-05-18T23:57:07-04:00

Multi-Channel Fundraising: Tips for Your Nonprofit Website


As soon as people go online, they are instantly bombarded with messages from organizations and companies vying for their attention. How can you ensure that your nonprofit’s online marketing efforts shine through the noise? Fundraising leaders must not only continue engaging with existing donors but also recruit brand-new supporters. A tried and true method of improving marketing efforts is to use a multi-channel approach. Multi-channel fundraising involves using multiple marketing platforms to promote an upcoming fundraising campaign or event. When you use more than one medium to promote your message and connect with supporters, you increase the chances of being [...]

Multi-Channel Fundraising: Tips for Your Nonprofit Website2023-07-31T14:59:41-04:00
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