Creating Passionate Supporters for Your Mission


COVID-19 has changed the way we interact with others, but it doesn’t mean we can’t meaningfully connect. This session will help you identify and create thoughtful engagement paths and understand how focused communication helps build stronger relationships with all of your stakeholders. Using a workshop setting, you’ll learn about the collaborative process of human-centered design, why it is vital to connecting with your audience, and how to build the framework for an engagement path that turns followers into passionate supporters. (Approximately 45 minutes; recorded live at TopNonprofits' Virtual Summit for Nonprofit Changemakers, March 202 Presented By: Emily Taylor, TeenyBIG [...]

Creating Passionate Supporters for Your Mission2021-09-15T17:57:21-04:00

Building a Successful Recurring Giving Program Using Behavioral Economics


How nonprofits can leverage behavioral economics to move people toward monthly recurring giving Did you know that recurring donors can be up to 4x more valuable than one-time donors? Online retention rates for recurring donors are north of 85% with the average recurring donor giving 42% more over the course of a year than a one-time donors. The evidence is clear - a successful monthly giving program can create a sustainable and scalable funding stream for your nonprofit. But the strategy on how to implement a successful monthly giving program is still unclear. Our understanding of the engagement, conversion and [...]

Building a Successful Recurring Giving Program Using Behavioral Economics2021-08-03T12:47:21-04:00

Creating an Effective Mission Statement


All the knowledge and tools you need to design a clear, concise, and truly useful mission statement. Unsure what to include in your mission statement or how to compress everything into something short, clear, yet still meaningful? Then this course is for you. From the team whose mission and vision resources were viewed over 1 million times in the past year, comes behind the scenes access to the mission statement creation process. The final result will be a mission statement that is a true asset to your organization and not just a collection of words gathering dust on your wall. [...]

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Winning Fundraising Emails


Learn how to write emails that convert more donors- guaranteed! Write fundraising emails that convert more donors – guaranteed! Learn, step-by-step, how to write better subject lines and copy for your fundraising emails. Includes examples from leading nonprofits and a template you can use right away. This class will show you – step-by-step – what the pros do to write winning email fundraising appeals: Three steps for finding highly receptive potential donors. Five steps for writing short but powerful fundraising stories. Three steps for selecting the best fundraising email template. How to ask for money without sounding pushy or greedy. [...]

Winning Fundraising Emails2021-08-03T12:29:07-04:00

Nonprofit To-Do List for the “New Normal”


Strategies to help manage and improve your organization's operations during COVID-19 COURSE COST: FREE Enroll In Course About Author Colleen Duerr Ms. Duerr is the President of Shifting Gears Consulting, an independent consulting firm that focuses on training, communications, writing, and sales/fundraising support for both for-profit and not-for-profit entities. She gained her experience in financial services as a Vice President with CoreStates Bank in Philadelphia, PA where she sold treasury management services to the large corporate market. She also served on many internal product development teams and conducted training sessions in the areas of Trade Show Management, Certified Cash [...]

Nonprofit To-Do List for the “New Normal”2021-12-06T14:59:09-05:00
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